Academic Plans

The Louisiana Board of Regents has removed the Letter of Intent process for new programs and replaced it with an annual academic plan. Each year, institutions must submit an updated three-year academic plan that includes a comprehensive list of intended degree program and academic unit additions, terminations, reconfigurations, and consolidations, with relevant details for each. Intended new degree programs must be designed to support the wellbeing of the state by meeting the needs of students, industry, and academia and must fall within the existing role, scope, and mission of the institution. Academic plans shall be submitted to Regents after appropriate review and approval at the system level.

Each September, the Board of Regents will approve the academic plans of the institutions. Once approved, full program proposals may be submitted to the Board of Regents. This year, the Board of Regents approved only Year 1 programs included in the three-year academic plans as the institutions acclimate to the process. The table below provides information on the programs each college proposed for Year 1 and where these programs stand currently in the routing processes as described in PS 45. 

AY 2023-24 Proposed Programs

Degree Title CIP Code Modality C&C Grad Council BoS BoR
Bachelor of Music Therapy 51.2305 On Campus        
BA Chemistry 40.0501 On Campus X X X X - March Agenda
ME Chemical Engineering 14.0101 Both        
MS Architecture 04.0902 On Campus        
BS Plant Health Management 01.1105 On Campus        
Master of Interior Design 04.0501 On Campus        
UC Virtual Production 11.0804 On Campus        
UC E-Sports 50.0411 Both        
UC Biotechnology Entrepreneurship 14.0501 Both        
GC Future Faculty ? Both        
GC Civil Engr with Focus in Geotech Engr 14.0801 Both        
GC Civil Engr with Focus in Surveying 14.0801 Both        
GC Cybersecurity Risk Management 43.0303 Both   X    
GC Financial Analytics 27.0305 Both   X    
GC Business Analytics 52.1302 Both        
GC Food Beyond the Farm 52.0203 Both   X    
GC Healthcare Design Innovation 50.0408 Both