Letter of Intent Waiver That Removes Step In Academic Programming Implementation

The Board of Regents is piloting a Letter of Intent (LOI) waiver process that removes the additional step in academic programming implementation. The goal of this pilot is to support innovation by allowing campuses to be nimble and responsive to the demands of industry and academia while ensuring a thorough and effective new degree program proposal and evaluation process.

Campuses across Louisiana can request a waiver of the LOI and move straight to the full proposal if the proposed program requires few (or no) new resources, addresses a clear and present need, and fits well within the institution’s current program offerings. Programs that meet these criteria would submit a LOI waiver justification and a brief but comprehensive summary of the intended program through their System Chief Academic Officer (CAO), which Board of Regents staff will then circulate to CAOs statewide for review and comment. BoR staff will return a brief summary of feedback to be addressed in the proposal. To find more information about the Letter of Intent Waiver, page 26 and 27.

If you have any questions on starting this path to program implementation, please contact Anna Bartel (acastr1@lsu.edu).