LSU Tour Bus Stops for Breakfast and a Discussion about Research With LSU Shreveport Students

March 14, 2023

President Tate speaks with students at a table

President Tate speaks with LSUS students about their anticancer research Tuesday at Strawn’s Eat Shop in Shreveport.

LSU President William F. Tate IV, on Day 2 of his Scholarship First bus tour, received a helping of anticancer research Tuesday from LSU Shreveport students and faculty at historic diner Strawn’s Eat Shop.

Tate engaged with LSUS students about their work in studying how medicinal plants produce anticancer compounds and methods to sustainably and economically produce these compounds.

“These science students are amazing, and they highlighted how they really enjoy working directly with faculty in this research,” Tate said. “This type of research certainly fits in with our Scholarship First agenda, which focuses on agriculture, biomedical sciences, coastal and defense-related science and energy."