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October 2020

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A Note from the Provost

Provost Haynie at Hay Bale Competition


It is hard to believe that we have crossed the midway point of the semester, and I am grateful to each of you for that accomplishment. Not only have we navigated through a pandemic, but we have also had to shift, not once, but twice, into hurricane mode, which for better or worse we have learned to do quite well over the years. Thankfully, the campus was spared, and I hope you and your family made it through safely and without loss.

I am reminded daily of how fortunate I am to partner with incredibly dedicated and talented faculty and staff who have navigated these extremely challenging times in remarkable and inspiring ways. Thank you to the faculty who received and completed progress reports for students. Almost 3,000 students will be supported as a result of the faculty’s response. It is also imperative that faculty complete the midterm grade reports as these data points are critical to connect students to resources. 

While our retention efforts remain strong, our research efforts continue to soar. Faculty members from the College of Engineering, College of Science and the School of Veterinary Medicine have developed a wastewater testing procedure to detect the prevalence of COVID-19 on our campus and especially in the residence halls. We have been able to respond quickly and identify students for isolation and quarantine. Other faculty continue to improve testing procedures and support the development of a vaccine. As a campus, we have done amazingly well stabilizing the number of COVID-19 positive cases, but with that said, we cannot be complacent. We need to continue our mitigation efforts and urge everyone to get tested throughout the remainder of the semester.  

With the pandemic still at the forefront of our efforts, we understand the need to adapt to keep our community safe. As our campus community plans for the Thanksgiving holiday, please remember that students and faculty will be pivoting to online instruction thereafter. Campus offices are expected to stay open during this time to continue to serve our students and employees.

Changes to the academic calendar for spring semester have also been made in order to reduce the opportunities to contract the virus away from campus and bring it back to our community. As always, I am thankful for the partnership with Student Government and the Faculty and Staff Senates in our planning efforts. All plans for the spring semester are made with the thought of our students’ and employees’ health in mind and mitigating the spread of this virus. Please be sure to view the updated calendar here.

These are incredibly challenging times; we know that individuals are facing greater than usual health challenges, both physically and mentally, during this pandemic. As so many in our community are feeling the effects of isolation, please take care of yourself and continue to be supportive of your colleagues and our students. If you need resources, please contact the Office of Human Resource Management and continue to encourage students to contact the Student Health Center if they need help. This has been a year like none other, and we will continue to navigate this pandemic for months to come. I am confident that our collective efforts will ensure we are a stronger institution when we are on the other side of this. Again, thank you for everything you are doing each and every day. 

Stacia Haynie 
Executive Vice President & Provost
J.W. Annison, Jr. Alumni Professor

Our People

Jared Llorens Named E. J. Ourso College of Business Permanent Dean

Dean Jared Llorens
LSU has named Jared Llorens as the dean of the E. J. Ourso College of Business. Llorens was appointed as interim dean in July 2020 after the initial search for the next dean was paused earlier this year due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.


Fall 2021 Call for University Faculty Award Nominations

LSU takes great pride in its world-class faculty. The university's Distinguished Faculty Awards recognize faculty accomplishments and showcase superb teaching, research, and service at LSU. A call for nominations is sent during the fall semester and awards are celebrated in the spring semester. Click here to find awards offered, additional instructions and deadlines for submissions.  

LSU Names Senior Internationalization Officer and Executive Director for International Programs

Samba Dieng
The LSU Office of Academic Affairs has named Samba Dieng as the new senior internationalization officer and executive director of International Programs. Dieng is currently the director of International Students and Scholars within the Office of International Affairs at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa.

Refer Students to the Center for Academic Success

Now more than ever, students must take charge of their learning. The Center for Academic Success (CAS) offers online and in-person services/resources to support student academic success and self-regulation. There are several options for referring students such as Navigate Progress Reports, the Academic Intervention Team, and personal communications directly to students. Free services include: Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring, Shell Study Groups, Academic Coaching, Small Group Strategy Session, and Finals Prep Workshops

Making students aware of these resources is critical, and faculty referral is the number one reason students utilize CAS services. For more information about our services please visit lsu.edu/cas or see the CAS Online resource page.

LSU Pregnancy & Parenting Program Fall Webinar Series "Parenting Through the Ages"

Save the Date - Fall Webinar Series: Parenting Through the Ages

The Pregnancy & Parenting Program is hosting part two of its “Parenting through the Ages” series for students, faculty and staff, which is focused on developmental stages from pregnancy through the teen years. The second webinar, “Parenting through the Ages – Preschool to Elementary,” is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 27, from noon - 1 p.m.

To find out more about the series, panelists, registration and to view the part one webinar recording, visit lsu.edu/pregnancy-parenting/speakerseries/speakerseries.php.



Faculty Support

LTC Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows program was created to provide increased support for faculty aiming to enhance student learning and performance. With one fellow housed in each college, the fellow will assist other faculty members with course design, revamping an existing course, implementing a new instructional strategy, and/or resolving an ongoing classroom/course issue. Click here to view a listing of the Faculty Fellows for each college and contact information.

Faculty Engagement Strategies in Blended and Online Courses

Being present in your online class is more important now than ever in supporting your students' learning and engagement. This new normal may be stressful for students, so the more they can hear from you, the more reassured and motivated they will be. Aim to maintain an active presence, especially at the start of the course and create a pattern of interaction. For example, responding to posts within the "Student Q&A" forum and emails within one business day, posting weekly check-ins via the "News & Announcements" forum, and providing timely feedback on assignments are some of the ways you can interact regularly with your students. To learn more about these strategies, view the Tips for Effective Online Teaching document and the Being There: Creating Online Instructor Presence Learn & Geaux video. 

Faculty Support and Moodle

LSU Online & Continuing Education’s Faculty Technology Center (FTC) and Design & Development team know that there's so much going on this fall term. We want to make sure you know we're here to help! Please visit us at online.lsu.edu/faculty in order to see our hours of support, along with live and on-demand training for both design and development and for technology tools.

Programs, Policies & Planning

School of Collaborative Academic Programs

The School of Collaborative Academic Programs, a multi-college, interdisciplinary school bridging faculty expertise across disciplines to offer cross-disciplinary curriculums to undergraduate and graduate students, welcomes faculty to bring new ideas to jump-start collaborative degree programs. Please visit the school's website to view how degree programs are proposed and faculty members can become involved.