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Dedicated to Inclusion & Engagement

The LSU College of the Coast & Environment (CC&E) is an inclusive community in which our students, faculty, and staff participate in, contribute to, and benefit equally from the educational and research endeavors of the college. Our college embraces individual differences, encourages multiple perspectives, and better prepares students for an increasingly diverse workforce. We expect these values to be routinely embraced by all faculty, students, and staff. 

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CC&E Inclusion & Engagement Committee

CC&E’s Inclusion & Engagement Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic initiatives that prepare graduates for success in an increasingly global workforce.

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Committee Responsibilities:

  • Set goals (short-term and long-term)
  • Ensure that the committee and subcommittees are focused on the most critical needs, which currently are faculty and graduate program diversity, especially at the doctoral level.
  • Collect data on the activities and progress made on inclusive learning initiatives.
  • Build a culture of collaboration.
  • Help students to develop skills that will facilitate success in the workplace.
  • Submit philanthropic proposals.

CC&E Inclusion & Engagement Committee Members

This committee is comprised of five members: one faculty member from each department, one staff member, one Coast and Environment Graduate Organization (CEGO) member, and a chair. The committee is staffed by a representative from the dean’s office. Members serve one-year, renewable terms and are appointed to this committee by CC&E’s leadership team through a nomination process that includes self-nominations. 

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CC&E Inclusion & Engagement Committee Meetings Minutes

Academic Year 2021-2022

CC&E’s Inclusion & Engagement Committee has met monthly since September. Actions that can be taken either by the college or by the department to advance engagement efforts have been discussed at each meeting. Please refer to the meeting notes for more details.


CC&E Inclusion & Engagement Subcommittees

In addition to the college-wide committee, each department has an inclusive learning subcommittee that addresses short-term, specific objectives and objectives not covered by the college committee. Membership is determined by the respective departments. 

Departmental Subcommittee Responsibilities:

  • Build the ranks for faculty/faculty diversity
  • Augmenting the student pipeline in the graduate programs / increasing diversity in the graduate study body
  • Identify and submit sponsored program grants that provide funding for student recruitment and retention
  • Identify and engage with prospective graduate students
  • Teach and Learning: improve pedagogy

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