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Students who need help with advising and class scheduling should contact the CES Advisor, Tiffany Treloar. 

Tiffany Treloar
Tiffany Treloar 
Undergraduate Advisor   


Walk-in Hours

Students can get advising help during office hours in Room 1285 of the ECE Building. Walk in hours are scheduled as follows:

  • Monday/Wednesday: 9:00-12:00 / 1:00-2:00
  • Tuesday/Thursday: 9:30-11:00 /1:30-4:00

Prospective High School Students

Prospective high school students are encouraged to set up a meeting with us to learn more information about the Coastal Environmental Science program.

First Year Students

First Year students are advised under the Center of Freshman Year.  

Prospective Transfer Students/Transfer Students

Prospective transfer students are encouraged to set up a meeting with us to learn more information about the Coastal Environmental Science program. Please contact Tiffany Treloar for help in the transfer process ( Tel 225-578-6824)


Questions about Scheduling?

Check out these FAQs from the Center for Freshman Year

Students typically enroll in 15-17 hours per semester to maintain adequate progress in their degree path.

  • For fall and spring semesters, 12 hours is considered full-time.
  • For the summer terms, 6 credit hours is considered full-time.
  • For undergraduate financial aid purposes, full-time is defined as 12+ credit hours in any major semester including Summer. Students will need to be in 12+ credit hours between the two summer sessions (B & C) to receive full-time student aid. 

  • Initially students are eligible to schedule up to 17 hours.  Once all scheduling priorities have opened credit hour limits will be raised to 19 hours. Students can review the semester specific schedule booklet for this date.
  • Students on scholastic probation can schedule a maximum of 16 hours in fall or spring semesters.
  • Students may schedule up to 7 hours max in each individual summer term (session B and C), and may schedule up to 12 hours total. 

  • Students can consult the LSU General Catalog, their degree audit, or meet with an academic counselor to review degree requirements.
  • Students with LSU awarded scholarships should review specific scholarship retention requirements at or contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (; 225/578-3103) 

  • The ALEKS assessment is a tool used to measure a student's readiness for calculus, testing skills in numeric manipulations, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. It is an adaptive test: later test questions are selected based on responses to earlier questions. The initial placement assessment quickly and accurately determines what a student knows regarding precalculus.
  • Students enrolled in Math 1530, 1550, and 1551 must earn an appropriate ALEKS Math to maintain placement in one of the above courses.  For deadlines, scores required, and registration information, visit the ALEKS website.
  • The Appropriate ALEKS math score is the only prerequisite for MATH 1530, MATH 1550, and 1551. Prior coursework and MATH ACT scores do not qualify a student to take Math 1530, 1550, or 1551.
  • For details on how ALEKS PPL provides another way to get placement or credit in Math 1021, 1022, 1431, 1530, 1550, and 1551, click on Math's Placement and Credit page.

  • ALEKS scores offer a six-month freshness window; an ALEKS PPL score earned during that window will count as the prerequisite for Math 1021, 1022, 1431, 1530, 1550, or 1551 in that semester (and not necessarily in later semesters, even in the case where the student repeats the course).
  • Students can schedule Math 1530, 1550, or 1551 only after achieving the required ALEKS PPL score.
  • As of October 2021, LSU No longer allows students to provisionally schedule MATH 1530, 1550, or 1551 without achieving the required ALEKS PPL score.

Continuing, re-entry, and transfer students are eligible to schedule classes via myLSU Schedule Request as long as there are no holds. Please see “Scheduling via myLSU” information page on the UCFY website

  • Registration for LSU semesters occurs as follows:
    • Fall: March/April
    • Spring: October/November
    • Summer: October/November
  • Scheduling priorities are determined based on credit hours earned + currently enrolled. Scheduling priorities are released by the Office of the University Registrar via the Schedule Booklet one to two weeks prior to the start of registration for the upcoming semester. Students will receive an email with information about their scheduling priority.
  • Scheduling remains open until the final day to add courses based on the academic calendar, but may close temporarily for administrative purposes periodically. Information on these closing dates can be found in the Schedule Booklet for the respective semester. 

In most situations, students enrolled in the Center for Freshman Year (UCFY) are not required to meet with an academic counselor prior to registering for the upcoming semester. However, certain students may have a hold that will prevent them from registering (see information about holds).

Students who are not required to meet with an academic counselor can scheduled desired courses on their own via myLSU Schedule Request and make adjustments if needed at a future time. Students can also have an academic counselor review their schedule and suggest changes as needed after initially scheduling courses. 

Course offerings for each semester are published by the Office of the University Registrar. Students can view course offerings through their myLSU account (Registration Services – Schedule Booklet). Section availability in course offerings is updated once a day. Please refer to our “Course Offerings” tab for more information.

LSU offers multiple advising tools to assist students with scheduling. Utilize your degree audit, recommended path, and the LSU General Catalog to review courses required for your major. Please refer to our scheduling resources and videos on our website for step-by-step instructions on determining courses to schedule.

Many courses have prerequisites which must be completed prior to enrollment or co-requisites which must be completed or registered for prior to enrollment.

View course prerequisites through the LSU General Catalog’s Course Search

Students cannot be added to full courses by a UCFY academic counselor. Students can join the waitlist for a course or add an available section via the myLSU Schedule Request. Please refer to the Scheduling via myLSU video for more information about waitlisting courses.