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Welcome to the LSU College of the Coast & Environment where award-winning faculty prepares tomorrow’s scientists, professionals, leaders, and policy-makers for success. Our students learn how the complex interactions of the coast and environment affect our daily lives and graduate with a balanced understanding of environmental conservation and the needs of industry. Come discover a wealth of opportunities in LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment.



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a group of students point as they look over the side of a bridge

Coastal Environmental Science is one of a few undergraduate programs in the nation that integrates oceanography, coastal, environmental, and social sciences, providing graduates with diverse career opportunities.

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All incoming freshman majoring in CES can participate in laboratory research. Students complete their chosen projects with the guidance of faculty experts in our dedicated undergraduate research lab.

 a man takes measurements in a marsh
a woman wearing a purple beanie looks up at the sky through binoculars
a woman navigates a boat on open water

CC&E is home to four of the nation’s top 10 scientists in wetlands and marshes. No other university, much less college, has more than one in the top 10!