Baton Rouge Flood of 2016

 What happened, what we did, what we lost, and what we learned


On Monday, August 13, the Louisiana Geological Survey, with co-sponsor Baton Rouge Geological Society, presented a symposium on the flood that devastated much of the Baton Rouge area in August 2016. The well-attended event featured individual presentations, a group panel discussion, and a public Q&A session. John E. Johnston III of the Louisiana Geological Survey served as symposium chair.

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Event details:
Monday, August 13, 2018
1:00 p.m.
Dalton J. Woods Auditorium
Energy, Coast & Environment Building
93 South Quad Drive
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, La. 70803

Admission and parking are free to the public.

For more information, contact John Johnston III at



John E. Johnston III, LGS, Chair – Introduction and “The Baton Rouge Flood of 2016 as a Black Swan Event”
Vincent Brown, LSU Department of Geography and Anthropology - "Synopsis of the August 2016 Southern Louisiana Flood Event"
Frank Revitte, NWS - "Forecast Tools to Help Predict Potential Heavy Rainfall and Flood Events"
Josh Eachus, WBRZ – “Communicating Disaster: What We Know, What We Learned from the Great Flood of 2016”
Jay Grymes, WAFB – “Have We Learned Anything?”
Yi-Jun Xu, LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources – “The 2016 Flood - Because of Rain or River Sedimentation?”
Dietmar Rietschier, Amite River Basin Drainage and Water Control District – “The Baton Rouge Flood of 2016 and Its Consequences”
Bob Jacobsen, Consulting Engineer – “The Role of Foolish Decisions in Amite River Basin Flood Disasters”
John Storm, USGS – “Flood Inundation Mapper (FIM) for the Amite and Comite Rivers at Central, Louisiana”
Dek Terrell, LSU Department of Economics – “Measuring the Economic Impact of the Baton Rouge Flood”
Jason Benoit, Providence – “Recovery from the Flood of 2016”
Panel discussion (including Rick McCulloh, LGS, and John Day, LSU)
Q&A (All questions will be held until then)


Presentations will be posted when available.