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11/20/2023 – WWL First News
“How does the future for Louisiana's oil and gas industry look?”

11/15/2023 -- The Advocate
"Another 1,300 oil and gas jobs on the horizon for Louisiana, LSU study says"

1/6/2023 -- Rigzone
"Louisiana, Texas to Gain Thousands of Energy Jobs At Start of 2023"

1/5/2023 -- Enews
"Louisiana, Texas to see an increase in job opportunities in the oil and gas industry"

1/5/2023 -- Workboat
“Louisiana, Texas to see increase in oil and gas industry job opportunities”

GCS Case Study
5/2/2023 – The West Side Journal
“WBR Chamber discusses carbon capture and its potential effect on the parish”

4/4/2023 – Captured Conversations Podcast
“What Does Carbon Mean for the U.S. Economy?”

3/20/2023 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“LSU report touts potential of planned carbon capture hub in Calcasieu Parish”

3/21/2023 -- Carbon Herald
"A Report Shows Planned Carbon Capture Hub Can Abate $11.3B In Climate Damages"

Nature Energy: Financial liabilities and environmental implications of unplugged wells for the Gulf of Mexico and coastal waters
[NOTE: As of May 16, this paper was referenced 63 times globally.]

5/16/2023 – 10|12 Industry Report
“New study estimates it may cost $30 billion to plug orphaned wells in the Gulf”

5/8/2023 – The New York Times
“Price to Plug Old Wells in Gulf of Mexico? $30 Billion, Study Says.”

5/8/2023 – NewScientist
“14,000 oil and gas wells remain unplugged in the Gulf of Mexico”

5/8/2023 – ABC News
"14,000 inactive oil and gas wells in US remain unplugged, posing risks for leaks, researchers say"

5/8/2023 – Bloomberg
"The Gulf of Mexico Has a $30 Billion Unplugged Oil Well Problem"

5/8/2023 – Digital Journal
US needs $30bn to seal 14,000 unplugged offshore oil and gas wells: study

CCUS Report

7/18/2023 – GreenBiz
“What a carbon sequestration hub needs to succeed: 3 guidelines”

7/10/2023 -- BR Proud
"What is carbon capture and how can it affect Louisiana? What you need to know" 

6/2/2023 –
“Guest column: Research and regulation of carbon capture risk is robust”

5/31/2023 –DeSmog
“Effort to Give Oil Companies $97 Million Tax Break in Louisiana Halted”

12/28/2023 -- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
"Is Louisiana going to ride the offshore wind energy boom?"

12/26/2023 -- The Louisiana Weekly
"Public outcry against carbon capture in Louisiana growing"

11/21/2023 – The Advocate
“Green recycling company seeking to build plants in Iberia, Orleans that would create 250 jobs”

11/7/2023 – WWL First News
“Upcoming Sale of Oil and Gas Leases in the Gulf”

11/3/2023 – Mornings with Brian Haldane
“Israeli-Hamas War”

10/3/2023 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"LSU event will bring energy companies, researchers and policymakers together"

10/3/2023 - 10|12 Industry Report
"LSU’s Upton: Reducing fossil fuels puts decarbonization strategies at risk"

9/29/2023--WWL First News
"Biden Administration issues new plan to further reduce oil exploration"

9/29/2023 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report Daily Report
"What LSU’s Center for Energy Studies director told a House subcommittee"

9/22/2023 – Oil & Gas 360
“LSU research team pursues orphaned wells to reduce methane leaks in Louisiana”

9/15/2023 – The Advocate
"'You're not wanted here': Proposed south Louisiana solar farm faces backlash at packed meeting"

8/29/2023 – Louisiana Radio Network
“Federal government opens Gulf of Mexico offshore wind lease auction for first time today”

8/28/2023 – WRKF Talk Louisiana
"Gulf wind lease sale first step for emerging energy source"

8/28/2023 – WWL First News
"Gulf wind lease sale first step for emerging energy source"

8/17/2023 -- Louisiana Illuminator
"LSU awarded millions from federal government to study carbon capture"

8/17/2023 -- WWL First News
"Giant fans that suck carbon pollution out of the air?"

8/3/2023 -- The Advocate
"Is Louisiana’s LNG boom slowing down? Analysts weigh in after project delays"

7/31/2023—WWL First News
"Louisiana has a huge opportunity with this industry"

6/13/2023 -- 10|12 Industry Report
"LSU faculty drafts CCUS report, submits to EPA"

6/12/2023 -- The Advocate
"A big Louisiana oil company went bankrupt; small suppliers could be out millions"

6/12/2023 -- The Louisiana Weekly
"$97 million tax break for oil companies in Louisiana halted"

5/8/2023 – Bloomberg (subscription required)
“The Gulf of Mexico Has a $30 Billion Unplugged Oil Well Problem”

4/25/2023 – WWL First News
“Does Louisiana Take Advantage of Cleaner Energy?”

4/20/2023 -- Louisiana Illuminator
"A day after delaying all incentives, Louisiana Republicans advance tax breaks for oil industry"

4/20/2023 -- KPVI NBC
"A day after delaying all incentives, Louisiana Republicans advance tax breaks for oil industry"

4/12/2023—WWL First News
"The Future of Louisiana's Energy Industry"

2/27/2023 -- WWL First News
"Proposed Wind Energy Lease Sales for Gulf Of Mexico"

2/24/2023 -- Talk 107.3
"Mornings with Brian Haldane: Dr. Greg Upton"

2/23/2023  -
"Cheniere eyeing yet another expansion of its Sabine Pass LNG terminal"

2/9/2023 --
"Louisiana is seeing economic gold at the end of the hydrogen rainbow"

2/9/2023 -- The Advocate
"Louisiana is seeing economic gold at the end of the hydrogen rainbow"

1/25/2023 – WWL First News
“Will Louisiana Pivot To Clean Energy In 2023?”

1/11/2023 – Talk 107.3 FM 
“Mornings with Brian Haldane: Greg Upton, 01-11-2023”

1/10/2023 – BR Proud
“Louisiana to gain over 3,000 oil and gas jobs this year”

1/9/2023 -- KPLC News
"Job growth coming for Louisiana’s oil, gas industries, experts say"


9/8/2023. – The Advocate
“Guest column: Disappointing offshore wind lease sale is first step, but development process will be long”

8/13/2023 – The Guardian
“Carbon-capture gold rush an ‘insult’ to locals in emissions-hit Louisiana”

4/3/2023 -- The Advocate
"Don Briggs, former LOGA leader and ‘tireless’ advocate for oil and gas, dies at 82"

3/27/2023 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Louisiana in a position to cash in on top-dollar energy investments, experts say

2/24/2023 -- Louisiana the State We're In
"Offshore Energy" 

1/9/2023 -- EnergyWire
"Could 2023 be a turning point for U.S. offshore oil?"

1/9/2023 -- Reveille
"Center of Energy Studies executive director announces retirement; interim director announced"

1/9/2023 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Energy industry expert David Dismukes retiring from LSU this week" 

1/9/2023 -- The Advocate
"Leader of LSU’s Center for Energy Studies to retire; interim director named" 

1/9/2023 -- KTBS
"Center of Energy Studies executive director announces retirement; interim director announced"

1/6/2023 – Louisiana Illuminator
“Analysts expect Louisiana oil & gas sector to shrink or pivot to clean fuels this year”


12/23/2022 – Natural Gas Intelligence
“Gulf Coast Natural Gas Production Seen Rising over Next Decade as LNG Projects Swell”

12/30/2022 --Natural Gas Intelligence 
“LNG Driving Gulf Coast Infrastructure Investment, Natural Gas Production”

12/20/2022 -- EnergyWire
"Solar takes off in Louisiana, sparking growing pains"

12/20/2022 – WWL First News
“How was 2022 for the energy industry in Louisiana?”

12/15/2022 -- The Advocate
"As European demand persists, Louisiana’s LNG industry should benefit in 2023 and beyond"

11/16/2022 -- S&P Global Commodity Insights Platts Megawatt Daily
"Gulf Coast loads surging with industry, likely supplied by changing fleet: LSU report"

11/23/2022 -- The Ouachita Citizen
"Gains expected for Louisiana, Texas gas jobs"

11/23/2022 -- WKRG News 5
"2023 outlook for the oil and gas industry in Louisiana and Texas"

11/23/2022 -- BR Proud
"2023 outlook for the oil and gas industry in Louisiana and Texas"

11/23/2022 -- KTAL News
"Outlook for the oil and gas industry in Louisiana and Texas"

11/21/2022 – WWL First News
“Gulf Coast Energy Outlook for 2023”

11/18/2022 -- KEEL 101.7FM & 710AM
"Is Oil & Gas Coming Back? Good News for Louisiana"

11/18/2022 -- Minden Press-Herald
"Report: Gains expected for Louisiana and Texas oil and gas jobs in the next few months"

11/17/2022 -- Bossier Press-Tribune
"Report: Gains expected for Louisiana and Texas oil and gas jobs in the next few months"

11/17/2022 – KPEL
“Louisiana Projected to Add 3,500 Oil and Gas Jobs Next Year”

11/16/2022 – The Advocate
“Louisiana should gain 3,500 oil and gas jobs by 2023, new LSU study says”

11/16/2022 -- (Subscription required)
"Louisiana should gain 3,500 oil and gas jobs by 2023, new LSU study says"

11/16/2022 -- The Advocate
"Louisiana should gain 3,500 oil and gas jobs by 2023, new LSU study says"

11/16/2022 -- in Forney
"Louisiana should gain 3,500 oil and gas jobs by 2023, new LSU study says"

11/16/2022 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"LSU study projects state will add 3,500 oil and gas jobs by Q2 of next year"

11/30/2022 --New Orleans City Business
"Severance, property taxes discussed ahead of possible changes"

[also with Dismukes] 11/11/2022 – American Press online (subscription required)
“LNG plants helping north Louisiana”

11/17/2022 -- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
"Gulf Coast Energy Outlook"

11/7/2022 -- 10|12 Industry Report
"Will Louisiana industry take a leadership role in the energy transition?"

[also with Dismukes] 11/6/2022 -- The Advocate
"Drilling returns to north Louisiana as Ukraine war, tight supplies send natural gas prices soaring"

11/2/2022 -- WWL First News 
"Is President Biden playing politics with oil and gas?"

10/31/2022 -- S&P Global Commodity Insights Platts Megawatt Daily (subscription required)
IRA impact on Gulf Coast power sector, energy complex to be big: LSU researcher

10/19/2022 – WWL First News
"Home heating costs going up this winter"

10/10/2022 -- WWL First News 
"What Does OPEC's Oil Cuts Mean For Oil and Gas Prices?"

9/27/2022 -- WWL First News
"How Will Oil and Gas Be Impacted By Hurricanes?"

9/26/2022 -- E&E News EnergyWire
"Interior weighs economics of oil vs. climate in 5-year plan"

9/16/2022 -- WWL First News
"What's the Latest on the Future of Louisiana Gas and Oil?"

9/7/2022 -- WWL Radio News
"Natural gas price spike is hitting electric consumers in the pocket"

8/23/2022 – E & E News
“Gulf oil industry embraces offshore wind — to a point”

8/15/2022 -- WWL First News
"How Will the Inflation Reduction Act Impact Oil and Gas?"

8/2/2022 --WWL Newell Normand
"Utility costs and a grid boost needed before going to electric"

7/1/2022 -- WWL First News
"Will Gas Prices Continue To Rise?"

6/24/2022 – Streets MN
“Dark Stores and Geographic Gas Taxes”

6/24/2022 --WWL First News
"Federal Gas Tax Holiday Impact"

6/23/2022 -- WWL Radio
"Expert: Relief at the pump is coming, but not soon"

6/18/2022 – Urban Milwaukee
“A Location Based Gas Tax?”

6/17/2022 – Greater Greater Washington 
“New bill would require Philly employers to offer transit benefits to workers”

6/17/2022--TBS eFM This Morning
"Recent issue of the Energy crisis: Why are electric prices set to rise?"

6/15/2022--WAFB TV
"Rising diesel prices, possible shortage could force consumers to spend more"

6/12/2022--WBRZ TV
"Gas prices reach historic high, topping an average of $4.50 a gallon in Baton Rouge"

6/8/2022 -- WWL First News
"Why Are Gas Prices So High?"

6/7/2022 -- ABC 10 Sacramento
"When will gas prices go back down? Experts weigh in"

6/3/2022 -- WBRZ TV
"Gas prices expected to continue rising through the summer"

5/24/2022 -- The Advocate
"Granholm tours oil reserve, touts Biden policies; Graves blames president for price spike"

5/24/2022 – WWL First News
"Energy secretary visits wind turbine facility in Michoud"

5/16/2022 -- WWL First News
"Soaring Gas Prices"

5/9/2022 -- WWL First News
"How Is The Gas Industry Being Impacted In Louisiana?"

5/3/2022 -- Mornings with Brian Haldane
“Gas exports from Louisiana and Texas”

4/21/2022 – WWL First News
“Checking in Oil and Gas Prices”

4/11/2022—WWL First News
“Oil and Gas Prices In Louisiana”

4/1/2022 -- WBRZ
"Dipping into oil reserves could be more about political gain than cutting gas prices"

3/25/2022 –WWL First News
"How Have Oil Prices Been Doing?"

3/21/2022 -- Reveille
"LSU students feel financial pain of high nationwide gas prices: 'I try not to drive'"

3/11/2022 – WBRZ TV
“Up and down oil prices impacting your cost at the pump”

3/9/2022 – WBRZ TV
“State expected to see hundreds of millions more in revenue as oil prices skyrocket”

3/8/2022 – WWL First News
“What's Stopping Oil from Russia Mean for the U.S.?”

3/3/2022 -- WBRZ TV
"Ukraine crisis not entirely to blame for steeper fuel prices"

2/23/2022—Voice of America
“War in Ukraine Expected to Trigger Higher Fuel Prices”

2/17/2022—RTVI (Russian TV)
Energy Price Discussion
Starting at 37:21 min.

1/19/2022—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report 
“Oil markets face volatile year with demand on the rise”

1/17/2022—WWL First News
“Will Louisiana Have Net Zero Emissions by 2050?”

1/6/2022—The Advocate
“Six things we learned at The Advocate’s Baton Rouge Economic Outlook Summit 2022”

12/30/2022 – Louisiana Illuminator
“How ocean wind power could help the oil industry”

[also with Upton] 11/11/2022 – American Press online (subscription required)
“LNG plants helping north Louisiana”

[also with Upton] 11/6/2022 -- The Advocate
"Drilling returns to north Louisiana as Ukraine war, tight supplies send natural gas prices soaring"

10/31/2022 -- The Advocate
"Global LNG leaders gather in Louisiana with state’s energy exports in high demand"

10/21/2022 – Louisiana the State We’re In
“Carbon Capture, Mississippi River, State Amendments, Crossing Over: Divine Nine”

10/11/2022 -- Christian Science Monitor
"‘Pretty remarkable’: How Florida got power back for 2 million after Ian"

9/26/2022 -- S&P Global Commodity Insights Platts Megawatt Daily (subscription required)
"Entergy, Mitsubishi units agree to study offshore wind power in Gulf of Mexico"

9/22/2022 -- The Guardian
"How the gas industry capitalized on the Ukraine war to change Biden policy"

9/14/2022 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Dawn of a new day"

8/11/2022 – Louisiana Illuminator
“Inflation Reduction Act would push Louisiana to forefront of clean energy sector”

7/10/2022 -- The Advocate
“Officials in rural Louisiana grapple with 'going solar' as utilities, industry drive demand”

7/5/2022 – ENR Texas & Louisiana
“Renewable Projects Continue to Gain Foothold in Louisiana”

6/30/2022—On Par with the President
“Dr. Dismukes Discusses Gas Prices, Energy, and Louisiana’s Global Impact”

6/3/2022--The Advocate
"Of all of Louisiana’s LNG players, this company is poised to be the biggest”

4/19/2022 -- WWNO New Orleans Public Radio
"As climate report warns of fossil fuel industry growth, Louisiana has several projects on the way"

3/28/2022 -- The Louisiana Weekly
"How higher interest rates will affect Americans’ finances"

3/25/2022 -- The Advocate
"What to expect in Louisiana following Biden’s move to boost LNG exports"

3/25/2022 -- Inside Climate News
“With Biden in Europe Promising to Expedite U.S. LNG Exports, Environmentalists on the Gulf Coast Say, Not So Fast”

3/24/2022 -- BIC Magazine
"Gulf Coast energy investment, jobs forecast to reach new highs"

3/22/2022 -- 10/12 Industry Report
"Dismukes: Minimal job creation from high oil because companies won’t drill"

3/19/2022—Louisiana Illuminator
“High fuel prices won’t bring jobs to Louisiana because oil companies won’t drill, expert says”

3/16/2022 -- WWL News
"Oil prices fall rapidly but prices at the pump remain stubborn"

3/10/2022 – WWNO – New Orleans Public Radio
“Why Louisiana oil producers can’t protect the state from rising gas prices”

3/8/2022 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Biden to ban Russian oil imports over Ukraine invasion”

3/8/2022 – KTBS TV
“Biden is banning Russian oil. What does that mean for Louisiana industry?"

3/8/2022 -- The Advocate
"Biden is banning Russian oil. What does that mean for Louisiana industry?"

3/7/2022 – Louisiana Radio Network
“Consumers brace for potential record-setting gas prices coming this week”

3/3/2022 – Tiger TV
“Louisiana sees highest gas prices since 2014 due to Ukraine conflict”

3/1/2022 – Accuracy in Media
"Donations from Vox, Biden to Russian oil made high gas prices and war in Ukraine possible"

2/24/2022 – Louisiana Radio Network
“Analyst: Russian invasion could aggravate inflation”

2/24/2022 – The Advocate
“A Louisiana LNG surge amid Russia-Ukraine fight? Only under these conditions, experts say”

2/15/2022—10/12 Industry Report
“After perfect storm of disruption, state’s industrial sector faces uncertain times”

2/8/2022 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“After perfect storm of disruption, state’s industrial sector faces uncertain 2022”

1/28/2022--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Louisiana industry blasts court decision halting Gulf oil leases"


"How Much Tesla Car Insurance Costs — By Model"

10/10/2022 --WWL First News
"Louisiana car buyers, on average, want $5,350 if forced to go electric"

8/4/2022 – MoneyGeek
"Expert Insights: What Cities Can Do to Protect Pedestrians"

5/9/2022 – WBRZ TV
Gas prices on the rise as the summer arrives

3/10/2022 -- WBRZ TV
"As some states mull gas tax suspension, La. expert warns of mixed results"

3/9/2022 – The Balance 
“Banning Russian Oil Will Likely Mean Higher Gas Prices”

3/7/2022 – MoneyGeek
“How to Choose an EV to Fit Your Driving Needs”



11/24/2021—Natural Gas Intelligence
“U.S. Natural Gas Production on Track to Exceed Pre-Pandemic Growth Forecasts”

11/23/2021--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Louisiana projected to reach new highs in refining, chemical employment"

11/19/2021--Natural Gas Intelligence 
"U.S. Natural Gas Production Outpacing Oil Since Pandemic, Researchers Say"

11/17/2021—Daily Advertiser
“LSU experts expect Louisiana to add oil and gas jobs, but a return to pre-2015 levels is unlikely”

11/17/2021—The Advocate
“Natural gas exports, investments expected to swell after a historically challenging year, economists say”

"Should Louisiana be a 'sanctuary state' for oil and gas? This bill would make it so"

4/18/2021--The Advocate
"Louisiana businesses face reality of no new federal offshore leases anytime soon"

GHG Inventory/CES
10/7/2021—WWNO Public Radio
“The oil and gas industry is using Louisiana’s climate task force to push carbon capture”

12/2/2021--This Morning with Henry Shinn, TBS eFM 101.3 MHz, Seoul
“Discussion on the US's oil reserve release and its implication on the global oil prices”

11/30/2021—WWL First News
“Could Louisiana become a leader in wind power?”

11/29/2021--Mornings with Brian Haldane
Interview on Strategic Petroleum Reserve

“LSU professor on the Release Oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve”

11/24/2021--WWL First News
"Tapping into the Petroleum Reserve"

"Drivers eager for relief at the pumps as US taps petroleum reserve"

11/10/2021—WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Belle Chasse Refinery Shutting Down”

11/2/2021--WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
"Liquefied Gas in Louisiana"

10/14/2021--The Advocate
"New $4.5 billion clean energy project looks to export blue hydrogen; capture carbon"

“Gas prices rising in Baton Rouge; up more than 10 cents in past week”

10/7/2021—WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Future of renewable energy in Louisiana”

9/24/2021—Louisiana the State We’re In
“Houma Recovery, Renewable Energy, Hurricane Predictions, Addiction Awareness Month”

9/22/2021--WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“How Are Oil and Gas Doing Post-Hurricane Ida?”

9/17/2021—Energy Intelligence
“Oil Dynamics to Dictate Permian Flaring Despite Rising Gas Prices”

9/7/2021--WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
"Hurricane Ida Recovery in Louisiana"

8/10/2021-- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“How Is the Oil & Gas Industry Doing?”

7/13/2021—WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Abandoned Wells in the Gulf”

“Rural Louisiana could see 7 new large-scale solar projects worth nearly $1 billion; see map”

6/28/2021-- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Should a Chalmette refinery get a tax break to save 500+ jobs? Pt. 2”

6/17/2021--WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
"Good news for the oil and gas industry"?

3/29/2021-- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Impact of Suez Canal Blockage”

3/16/2021-- WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Carbon Pricing”

2/18/2021—WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Impact of Cold Weather On Oil and Gas”

2/11/2021—The Advocate
“Louisiana braces for impact beyond 700-job refinery closure as Shell plans to cut oil production”

1/26/2021—The Center Square
“Proposed tax changes for Louisiana oil and gas draw industry opposition”


“‘It doesn’t have to be this way’: Lessons from the slow death of Louisiana’s oil industry”

11/23/2021--Louisiana Radio Network
"Biden orders 50 million oil barrels be released from strategic reserve, some say too little too late"

11/10/2021--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Belle Chasse oil refinery closing after being damaged by Hurricane Ida"

11/10/2021--Midland Daily News
"Damaged oil refinery closing; parish weighs economic impacts"

"Damaged oil refinery closing; parish weighs economic impacts – New Orleans, Louisiana"

"'Gut punch to the community.' Plaquemines Parish braces for fallout from Alliance Refinery closure"

11/9/2021--The Reveille
“A look at how COVID-19 has damaged the global supply chain: 'Small businesses are getting hammered from all sides'”

11/3/2021--The Advocate
"$7M tax break sought by CF Industries for new, more environmentally friendly 'green ammonia' plant" 

10/31/2021--The Advocate
"Louisiana has bet big on liquefied natural gas. Is it a good bet?"

10/14/2021--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Air Products aims to bring another clean energy project to the heart of petrochemical country"

10/12/2021--Louisiana Radio Network
"Rising Price Of Crude Not Seen As A Positive Thing In Louisiana"

10/11/2021--The Advocate
"Industrial 'decarbonization' will require putting a price on carbon emissions, combined with mandatory carbon reductions"

“Potential buyer to visit Phillips 66 refinery in Belle Chasse”

9/22/2021—Christian Science Monitor
"Hurricane Ida aftermath: Will power grids get an upgrade?"

9/8/2021--E&E News Energywire
"Grid experts grapple with ‘resilience’ in Ida’s wake"

9/5/2021--The Lewiston Tribune
"Critics aghast at length of Ida-caused power outages"

9/4/2021—ABC News
"Hurricane Ida turns spotlight on Louisiana power grid issues"

9/4/2021--The Courier
"'It's critically important': Port Fourchon rushes to recover after Hurricane Ida"

8/31/2021--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Port Fourchon, refineries out for weeks, raising short- and long-term questions"

8/20/2021--WWNO Radio
“Here's why Louisiana faces a special challenge from climate change”

8/19/2021--WWNO--New Orleans Public Radio
“How Louisiana Industrial Facilities Pose Challenges for New Climate Task Force”

8/17/2021--Louisiana Illuminator
"Solar power offers $6 billion opportunity for Louisiana, researchers say"

8/17/2021—The Advocate
“Biden appealing judge's ruling against oil leasing moratorium, but promises to resume auctions”

8/11/2021--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"A tale of two plays"

“Here are Louisiana's seven strategies to cut greenhouse gas emissions”

"Report Finds Industry Is Biggest Source of Carbon Emissions in Louisiana"

"This map shows 20 Louisiana industrial plants that release most greenhouse carbon gases"

"Here's how much greenhouse gas Louisiana emitted in 2018, and which plants are responsible"

6/14/2021--Louisiana Radio Network
“Crude oil up over $70 dollars a barrel for the first time in nearly three years”

6/11/2021—The Advocate Staff Editorial
“Our Views: Common sense on energy from Louisiana’s governor, but not from Joe Biden”

6/2/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Dismukes: Higher oil prices likely to have muted impact on Louisiana”

6/1/2021--The Advocate
Our Views: We need more plastics investment in Louisiana, and much less interference

6/1/2021—The Advocate
“Why this Louisiana plastics plant has become a national lightning rod for environmentalists”

5/13/2021—The Telegraph
Louisiana gov urges feds to resume offshore leases in months

The Energy Evolution: How will Louisiana fare?

04/7/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Louisiana drivers can expect gas prices to reach 3-year high this summer” (subscription required)

3/24/2021—Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s Louisiana Public Square
“Renewable and Reality| March 2021

3/24/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Dismukes challenges report calling Formosa project ‘financially unviable’”

3/23/2021--KLAF NBC
"The Economy and the Environment; LPB Looks at What is Realistic for Louisiana"

2/21/2021—The Advocate
“LNG export company looks to salt caverns for natural gas storage in Cameron Parish”

2/10/2021—The Center Square
"Louisiana officials: U.S. can fight climate change, still drill for oil"

2/10/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Biden’s environmental agenda creates regulatory whiplash for industry”

“Interim Climate Task Force report focuses on how to choose carbon reduction rules; no rule changes proposed yet”

2/3/2021—Tiger TV
“President Biden includes Cancer Alley in Climate Change Initiative”

1/27/2021—The Advocate
“A reeling Louisiana oil and gas industry anticipates another setback: Loss of federal subsidies”

1/27/2021—The Advocate
“Our Views: Business leadership sees rebound but also pitfalls after pandemic”

1/27/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Biden’s ban on new federal leases prompts outrage from energy industry”

1/28/2021—The Advocate
“Why Joe Biden's oil and gas moratorium is expected to have long-term effects on Louisiana's economy”


10/5/2021—Business and Industry Connection Magazine
“New white paper examines pandemic-related transportation trends”

"You Can Save Money With Usage-Based Auto Insurance — But Should You?"

8/17/2021—Multiple Town News outlets (including St. Louis Post-Dispatch, La Crosse Tribune, Kenosha News, Arizona Daily Star, Napa Valley Register, Tulsa World, The McDowell News, Ravalli Republic)
“Natural Disasters and homeownership”

6/15/2021—Seattle Times
“Add 'climate hazards' to your homebuyer's checklist”

6/9/2021—Business Times
“Add 'climate hazards' to your homebuyer's checklist”

6/1/2021--The New York Times 
“Add ‘Climate Hazards’ to Your Home-Buyer’s Checklist”

4/22/2021—Tech Job Marvel
“How Google Earth Illustrates Climate Change”

“How Google Earth Illustrates Climate Change”

3/4/2021—Civil Engineering Source
“Oregon tests granular approach to pay-per-mile fees”

2/26/2021—Real Estate Weekly
"Improve your smart thermostat IQ"

7/14/2021—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report (subscription required)
Captivating Carbon Struggles

4/16/2021--10/12 Industry Report
"Louisiana: World leader on climate change?"

4/19/2021—KALB Central Louisiana
“Experts say renewable energy poses opportunity, not a threat, to Louisiana.”

4/19/2021—The West Side Journal
“Experts say renewable energy poses opportunity, not a threat, to Louisiana.”

4/19/2021--KTBS ABC #
"Experts say renewable energy poses opportunity, not a threat, to La."

4/26/2021—The Louisiana Weekly
“‘The real threat is not taking action’: Experts say renewable energy poses an opportunity, not a threat, to Louisiana”

2/9/2021—10/12 Industry Report
“LSU study suggests carbon tax could help meet emissions goals’


12/16/2020—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report (Insider subscription required)
“Louisiana’s oil and gas industry braces for Biden administration”

12/12/2020—The Advocate
"Shell Convent refinery shuts down this weekend; here's how that'll impact the parish"

11/23/2020—Acadia Parish
“Report: Worst may be over for oil and gas sector”

11/19/2020— WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“What's the Forecast for Louisiana's Energy Industry?”

11/18/2020—Bossier Now
“The Worst May Be Over for Louisiana’s Oil & Gas Industry: LSU Report”

11/18/2020—The Center Square
“LSU report: Worst may be over for Louisiana oil-and-gas sector, but don't expect a big rebound”

11/18/2020—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“2021 Gulf Coast Energy Outlook: Oil production will fall; 2,600 upstream jobs return”

11/18/2020—The Advocate
“Louisiana may have 'modest' oil and gas jobs growth by end of 2021”

11/17/2020--Utility Dive
"Everything old is new again: Why Big Tech is wrong about utility restructuring"

11/17/2020—American Press
“State’s energy future appears to be bright”

11/14/2020--The Advocate
"Shell is closing its Convent refinery; what does this mean for clean energy in Louisiana?"

11/9/2020—WBRZ TV
“Transition from oil, gas to renewable energy sources to majorly impact Louisiana”

11/6/2020— WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“How big of a loss is the Convent oil refinery?”

10/28/2020--Houma Today
"What would Biden's oil plan mean for Louisiana?"

10/27/2020--The Advocate
"U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, in new TV ad, hits Joe Biden's comments about oil and gas industry"

10/23/2020--The Advocate
"What to expect from IberiaBank now that it has become First Horizon in Louisiana "

10/19/2020—10/12 Industry Report
“A new reality: South Louisiana industry undergoes a paradigm shift in the wake of a pandemic”

"Why Joe Biden's effort to promote new, green jobs would be a hit on oil-dependent south Louisiana"

10/8/2020--South Florida Sun Sentinel
"Hurricane Delta strengthening again, remains likely to hit Louisiana with life-threatening storm surge and up to 15 inches of rain"

9/25/2020—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report Insider (subscription required)
“Louisiana state government faring better than private sector on employment”

9/19/2020—The Advocate
“Our Views: If we're going to rise economically, U.S. and world recovery vital to our jobs”

9/16/2020—Daily Advertiser
“'Not a good forecast for the Lafayette area': Economist says 2023 before recovery”

9/15/2020—Daily Advertiser
“Louisiana Economic Outlook: Lafayette's 'big six' must lead recovery after COVID-19 downturn”

9/14/2020—The Advocate
“Peer into the Baton Rouge's economic recovery of all 'lost' jobs by 2022”

9/11/2020—The Advocate
“Lake Charles refinery still shuttered after Hurricane Laura but not because of why you might think”

8/28/2020—LPB’s Louisiana the State We’re In
“Forecasting Weaknesses, Laura Aftermath, Hurricane Katrina Remembered”

8/27/2020—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Dismukes: Hurricane Laura’s impact on petrochemical industry likely to be minor”

8/24/2020—The Advocate
“Guest column: Joe Biden's ban on offshore drilling could wreck Louisiana's economy”

8/7/2020—The Advocate
"Restaurants, oil and gas, chemical and more: What we learned in our Louisiana economic summit"

“Connecticut Is the Most Energy Expensive State: Report-The weather's very hot, but you might want to think twice about cranking up the AC in Connecticut.”

7/16/2020—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Slump in global demand reaches Louisiana petrochem, services sectors”

6/12/2020—LPB’s Louisiana the State We’re In
“Construction Concerns, Post Shelter Survey, Prehistoric Trip, Small Business Help”

6/10/2020—American Press
"Our View: Energy slump major problem for state"

6/8/2020—Houma Courier
“Forecast: Yearslong lull looms for Louisiana’s oil industry”

6/8/2020--The Advocate
"Yearslong lull looms for Louisiana's energy sectors hit by economic slowdown, energy slump"

5/29/2020—Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Crude prices up 70% in May, but don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet”

5/28/2020—Houma Courier
“Rebuilding America: 'A tough situation': Oil industry faces uncertain future”

5/28/20—The Center Square
“Louisiana Senate committee advances business tax rebate, tables oil tax cut”

5/28/2020—WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
“Where Do Things Stands with Bills Affecting the Oil and Gas Industry?”

5/20/2020--Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Dismukes: Oil price recovery has begun, but crude could remain below $50/barrel until 2028"

5/18/2020—The Moon Griffon Show
Asst. Professor Greg Upton discusses La. oil and gas sector outlook

5/14/2020—WWL First News
“What's the State Of the Oil and Gas Industry In Louisiana?”

4/23/2020—The Advocate
“LSU professor writes: Is it time for panic in Louisiana’s oil fields?”

4/21/2020—Talk 107.3 FM
"Mornings with Brian Haldane 4-21-20: Hour 1: Dr. Greg Upton joined the show to talk about the low oil prices.” 28 min. mark.

4/20/2020 – National Geographic (subscription required)
“We still don’t know the full impacts of the BP oil spill, 10 years later”

4/20/2020—The Advocate
“Oil prices tumble below $0; Louisiana trade group warns of potential halt to operations”

4/20/2020 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Oil futures drop to never before seen negative prices”

4/13/2020 – 10/12 Industry Report
“Saturation Point: What do low prices mean for ethylene and LNG projects planned for south Louisiana?”

4/13/2020 – Louisiana Radio Network
“Oil producers agree to reduce overproduction”

4/13/2020 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Historic oil production cuts mean ‘nothing’ for Louisiana, experts say”

4/9/2020 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“Bernhard Capital sewer deal comes as firm raises nearly $750M with new infrastructure fund”

4/7/2020 -- Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Oil and gas gets a double whammy"

4/7/2020 – 10/12 Industry Report
"David Dismukes: Irreparable changes are coming to the American oil and gas industry"

4/1/2020 – The New Orleans Advocate
“Gas is 99 cents at a few stations in Louisiana. That's good for drivers -- but bad for the state.”

3/30/2020 – The Advocate
“Bleak picture for Louisiana's oil and gas industry suffering from coronavirus and price war”

3/25/2020 – The Advocate
“Oil and gas is 'done' for 2020, energy economist says; gas as low as $1.29 per gallon in Louisiana”

3/24/2020 --Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Economists hopeful oil prices will stabilize by summer"

3/16/2020 – New Orleans City Business
"Drilling slowdown: What does it mean for the Gulf Coast?" (subscription required)

3/16/2020 – Brinkwire
“Oil Price Plunge: $30 A Barrel Level In Danger Of Falling Amid Coronavirus, Saudi – Russia Spat”

3/12/2020 -- The Washington Times
"Saudi Arabia-Russia oil price war pushes industry to tipping point" (subscription required)

3/12/2020 -- The Advocate
“Our Views: Another drastic drop in oil prices, but the world's economy still runs on energy”

3/10/2020 – New Orleans Public Radio -- WWNO
“Q&A: LSU Energy Studies Director Explains What the Oil Crisis Means for Louisiana”

3/9/2020 – The Advocate
“Oil prices fell amid decline in demand, coronavirus scare; Here's why that's not good for Louisiana”

3/9/2020 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“State economist wary of ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to oil price drop”

2/25/2020 -- 10/12 Industry Report
"How to usher in Louisiana’s roaring 2020s"

2/6/2020 -- BIC Magazine
“Gulf Coast could see over $300 Billion in new investments: Near-term outlook for U.S., Gulf Coast energy production continues to be solid”

2/6/2020 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“How new coronavirus affects Louisiana oil and gas industry”

1/14/2020 – 10/12 Industry Report
“Will oil demand plateau in the 2020s? Louisiana leaders say ‘maybe’”

1/7/2020 – The Advocate
"4 big topics addressed at the Baton Rouge 2020 economic outlook summit"


12/29/2019 -- The Advocate
"2019: A year of business headlines"

12/21/2019 -- Daily Advertiser
"Lafayette Parish's GDP down 5% since 2015, dropped from 4th to 5th highest in state"

12/10/2019 -- BIC Magazine
“Increased Gulf drilling expected to spur economic growth”

"11/7/2019 – Talk 107.3 FM
“Mornings with Brian Haldane” (6:15 min. mark)

11/6/2019 -- The Advocate
“U.S. Gulf Coast energy industry outlook cloudy amid global disputes”

11/6/2019 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
“LSU study: future is ‘cloudy’ for global energy markets, strong in Gulf Coast”

11/5/2019 – 10/12 Industry Report
"David Dismukes: An exceptionally uncertain time for energy markets"

9/26/2019 – Report News Agency (Azerbaijan)
"US on the way to leadership in LNG export"

9/24/2019 - The Advocate
"Baton Rouge construction lull likely over by 2020, lifting market by 11,700 jobs over next two years"

9/17/2019 - Houma Today
“Attacks on Saudi oilfields give leverage to Trump’s energy export policy”

9/16/2019 - The Advocate
“Attack on Saudi oil facility strips 5% of world supply from market; U.S. oil boom provides protection”

9/16/2019 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
"Saudi oil fields attack could spell bad news for Louisiana’s petrochemical boom"

9/13/2019 - Daily Energy Insider
"FERC to consider qualifying facility rates under PURPA during Sept. 19 meeting"

9/2/2019 - The Advocate
"Louisiana petrochemical contractors look for 'the next wave' of construction boom"

8/28/2019 -- WWNO, New Orleans Public Radio
"One Year Later, Louisiana Remains Vulnerable To Tariffs"

8/28/2019 – WRKF, Baton Rouge Public Radio
“One Year Later, Louisiana Remains Vulnerable to Tariffs”

8/20/2019 - The Franklin Sun
“Louisiana 'rainy day' fund contains $405 million”

8/19/2019 - 10/12 Industry Report
"$32B in construction projects are lined up through 2022. Can Louisiana handle it?"

8/13/2019 - 10/12 Industry Report
“David Dismukes: LNG’s changing fortunes”

8/1/2019 - E&E News
“Trump promised offshore jobs. That’s not happening.”

6/28/2019 - Talk 107.3 FM
“Dr. Greg Upton on Trade Wars”

6/26/2019 - The Advocate
“Delfin LNG project in Cameron Parish delayed for years”

6/23/2019 - The Advocate
“LSU energy analyst: Trump trade war could bring big economic pain to Louisiana”

6/21/19—LPB’s Louisiana the State We’re In (at 13:06 mark)
“Louisiana’s Crude Oil Industry”

6/17/2019 - Louisiana Radio Network
Tensions with Iran could lead to rising fuel prices

5/7/2019 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report (Guest Column)
Is Louisiana Still an Oil and Gas State?

5/7/2019 - The Advocate
Anadarko now favors Occidental offer over Chevron deal that would have had more potential for Gulf of Mexico

4/24/2019 - The Advocate
Occidental says it outbids Chevron for Anadarko Petroleum; Chevron deal focused on Gulf of Mexico as well as Texas fields

4/22/2019 - Acadiana Advocate 
Unlike population decline after oil bust of the '80s, Lafayette Parish continues to grow

4/17/2019 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
LSU Oil & Gas Symposium: South Louisiana activity hits historic low

4/12/2019 - The Advocate
Chevron to buy Anadarko for $33 billion, boosting combined company's presence in Gulf

3/28/2019 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
3 economists recommended for Louisiana forecasting panel

3/10/2019 - The Advocate
Louisiana gas production rebounds to 2012 figures as drillers return to Haynesville; here's why

2/12/2019 - The Advocate
U.S. expects record oil production in 2019, 2020, may be good sign for Louisiana oil sector.

2/11/2019 - American Journal of Transportation
Oil & Gas Outlook

2/5/2019 - NY Times
A School Board Says No to Big Oil, and Alarms Sound in Business-Friendly Louisiana

1/29/19 - The Advocate
Louisiana 'disproportionately exposed' to Venezuelan oil targeted in U.S. sanctions

1/9/2019 - The Advocate
'You can't email somebody a cheeseburger': Notable quotes, facts about Louisiana's 2019 economic outlook

1/8/2019 - The Advocate
Louisiana economy well-positioned in 2019, but faces several of these headwinds

1/8/2019 - The Advocate
BP announces expansion of Atlantis production field in Gulf 150 miles south of New Orleans

1/5/2019 - Daily Comet, Houma Today
Report forecasts uptick in Gulf oilfield



12/26/2018 - New Orleans City Business
Year in Review: Louisiana energy export economy growing amid U.S. ‘shale revolution

11/16/2018 - The Advocate
LSU forecasters downgrade job growth outlook for Louisiana oil and gas sector.

11/16/2018 - Baton Rouge Business Report
2019 Gulf Coast Energy Outlook: Strong oil and gas production, complicated pricing forecast.

11/29/2018 - Fox News15 Lafayette

11/28/2018 - 10/12 Industry Report
Why an offshore recovery may never happen

11/27/18 - The Advocate
Eminent domain trial on Bayou Bridge pipeline begins with assertion that land worth only $1.11

11/16/2018 - Baton Rouge Business Report
2019 Gulf Coast Energy Outlook: Strong oil and gas production, complicated pricing forecast

11/15/2018 - 10/12 Industry Report
Will Louisiana remain a major energy player when oil is no longer king?

11/6/2018 - Baton Rouge Business Report
With Lafayette deal off, Bernhard’s efforts to get into utilities becomes more difficult

10/14/2018 - The Advocate
Despite rising oil prices, Louisiana's rig count holding steady; Here's why many in industry are optimistic

9/30/2018 - Houma Daily Courier
A ray of hope amid a four-year bust

9/23/2018 - Houma Daily Courier online
Tariffs and trade war are bad for Louisiana

9/22/2018 - The Advocate
Our Views: Danger of trade war grows

9/19/2018 - 10/12 Industry Report
David Dismukes: The dangers of trade protectionism for Louisiana

9/18/2018 - The Advocate
China's new retaliatory tariffs on liquefied natural gas, chemicals hit home for Louisiana

6/13/2018 - Engineering News-Record
Coalition of Experts Oppose Trump Order to Prop Up Coal, Nukes

5/1/2018 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
What do high oil prices mean for Louisiana?

4/23/2018 - The Advocate
Formosa picks St. James Parish for massive $9.4 billion chemical complex

3/8/2018 - The Advocate
Phone interview about BOEM offshore lease auction.

3/2/2018 - The Wall Street Journal
The Governor and Louisiana Lawyers Plot an Energy Shakedown: Their demand: Fork over billions to restore the eroding coastline or brave a drawn-out legal battle.

2/15/2018 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Industry leaders have ‘boring’ wish list to create the perfect petrochemical world



11/15/2017 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Will Louisiana remain a major energy player when oil is no longer king?

11/15/2017 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Insight: Taxing energy infrastructure

The Advocate: FERC quorum raises likelihood of pipeline approvals tied to LNG facilities

9/1/2017 - Fortnightly Magazine
Jobs, Electricity Prices and Renewable Energy Policies

7/20/2017 - Drilling Info
Drilling Info guest piece podcast

6/26/2017 - Daily Advertiser
Rolling the dice? Some stability seen in energy industry's future

6/24/2017 - The Advocate
Overall U.S. and Louisiana rig counts up from 2016, but onshore south Louisiana lags

6/21/2017 - Natural Gas Intelligence
Onshore Natural Gas, Oil Supply Pushing Gulf Coast LNG, Petchem Expansions, Says LSU

6/21/2017 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
With a number of massive projects in the works and a new lobby group, the liquefied natural gas industry is on the verge a major breakout in Louisiana

6/9/2017 - On LPB’s
Louisiana: The State We’re In.

6/1/2017 - The Times Houma/Thibodaux
'Big Oil' Decisions Loom

May 2017
New Orleans City Business, on MISO/Entergy

4/17/2017 - The Advocate
Oil prices holding steady, but U.S. production gains and future of OPEC cuts create uncertainty

4/1/2017 - Talk 107.3
on Gulf Coast Energy

3/16/2017 -
What will Louisiana see from Exxon's $20 billion 'Growing the Gulf' investment?

2/16/2017 - The Daily Advertiser
Upton: Economic implications of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline

2/13/2017 - Baton Rouge Business Report
Industry confidence is buoyed by expectations of a business-friendly Trump administration

2/11/2017 - Washington County News
Protesters interfere with local discussion

2/11/2017 - Houma Today
Houma Today: Protesters interfere with local discussion

2/9/2017 - Houma Today
Strong emotions aired during pipeline hearing

2/8/2017 - The Hayride
LSU Says The Bayou Bridge Pipeline Will Be Good For Louisiana’s Economy

2/9/2017 - Inside Sources
As Louisiana Targets Economic Growth, Protesters Drown Out Local Voices at Bayou Bridge Hearing

2/8/2017 - Rigzone
Study: Louisiana Pipeline Would Create 4,000-plus Jobs

2/7/2017 - The Advocate
LSU study finds $830 million economic impact from proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline

2/8/2017 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
LSU study: Gulf Coast oil and gas to rebound in coming years

2/7/2017 - CL Bryant Radio Program
Minute 46

2/7/2017 - American Press
Officials tout pipeline benefits

2/7/2017 - Houma Today
Propane Association discusses new oil pipeline

1/11/2017 - The Advocate
Oil price projections in 2017 could mean millions for Louisiana



12/5/2016 - Louisville Public Media
Interview on proposed utility rate increases here Kentucky.

12/1/2016 - La. Public Radio
Slowed oil production not likely to lead to more drilling in Louisiana.

12/1/2016 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Insight: Valuing our energy infrastructure

11/30/2016 - The Advocate
OPEC agreement helps, but Louisiana needs even higher oil prices, experts say

11/18/2016 - The Advocate
$1.3 million federal grant awarded to evaluate facility to capture carbon emissions in the Baton Rouge-New Orleans industrial corridor

11/10/2016 - The Advertiser
In Trump, oil and gas sees turnaround

11/10/2016 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Louisiana oil and gas leaders see industry turnaround in Trump

10/24/2016 - The Advocate
Louisiana: Little faith in OPEC's promise to cut oil production, would welcome related price boost

9/24/2016 - The Advocate
Baton Rouge area adds 7,000 jobs while oil downturn plagues Lafayette, New Orleans

8/25/2016 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Other ways in which the energy world is changing

8/17/2016 - Bloomberg
Louisiana's Sinking Coast Is a $100 Billion Nightmare for Big Oil

7/26/2016 - The Advocate
West side's the best side: Port Cameron organizers plan $1.5 billion deepwater facility

7/19/2016 - The Advocate
Our Views: How Brexit bruises Louisiana's fortunes

5/29/2016 - The Advocate
Black gold, red ink: Oil’s spiral drowns the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale and a hoped-for economic boom. Link expired.

5/11/2016 - BR Business Report
What will the industrial boom look like in the long term?

3/12/2016 - The Advocate
U.S. oil, gas rig count cracks 1999 low; La. feeling the pain | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana

3/1/2016 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
10/12 Industry Report: Some say lifting ban on oil exports is premature

2/18/2016 - Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
Will the end of the ban on exporting oil be good or bad for Louisiana? - Baton Rouge Business Report

1/31/2016 - The Advocate
Cheniere close to exporting LNG from Cameron amid turbulent market conditions

1/16/2016 - The Advocate
Oil bust may be worse than 1986 | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana

1/5/2016 - The Advocate
Louisiana, U.S. consumers could see dampened benefit from lifting oil export ban


12/28/2015 - Oilman
Lifting Export Ban Could Make Gulf Coast ‘Epicenter for Hydrocarbon Trading,’ Study Says

12/21/2015 – Daily Advertiser
Could La. become 'epicenter' of global energy trade?

12/17/2015 –
Scalise touts end to 40-year oil export ban, but upside in question

12/16/2015 – Shreveport Times
In sight: End to crude oil export ban

12/16/2015 – The Advocate
Our Views: Repeal of ban on oil exports in newest omnibus may provide market boost

12/8/2015 – Daily Advertiser
Voices: We must shift the discussion on lifting oil export ban

12/7/2015 – The Advocate
LOOP seeks customers for planned crude loading facility

12/5/2015 – Houma Today
LSU study deflates predictions on both sides of oil export debate

12/1/2015 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
LSU study claims lifting export crude ban would have little economic impact on Louisiana

10/24/2015 – The Advocate
Crude exports could put Louisiana at center of trade hub

10/22/2015 – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
LSU economist says lifting crude oil export ban carries risks, potential benefits for Louisiana

4/22/2015 - 10/12 Industry Report
How does oil’s price plunge affect south Louisiana industrial expansion

3/14/2015 – The Advocate
Economists tell Louisiana Legislators to raise cigarette tax, cut inventory tax

1/31/2015 - New York Times
Louisiana Squeezed as Oil Prices Drop