lsu lab season

LSU Theatre Lab season submission guidelines.

The primary goal of the Lab Season is the production and performance of engaging, meaningful, and successful theatre. We do this through synthesizing the theoretical, practical, and artistic skills taken from the classroom and other production work.  Students receive support and guidance from faculty mentors in order to execute best professional practices, including: application of the fundamentals of storytelling, creative use of available resources, and effective communication between collaborating artists. Through these productions, students will develop a strong foundation for future artistic and professional work, community engagement, and critical inquiry into shared social and cultural values.

Each year the School of Theatre produces a Lab Season of 4-5 productions generally produced in the Studio Theatre in the MDA Building. In order to direct in the Lab Season, undergraduate students should have completed the following coursework: THTR 1001 Stagecraft; THTR 2021 Directing; THTR 2022 Intro to Theatrical Design; and THTR 2130 Script Analysis. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply.

Students can submit a proposal for the Lab Season through the online form at the link below.  To prepare to submit your proposal, the Lab Season committee recommends that you review the following documents:

1.      The sample application form.  (The online form does not allow you to save your work.  Please prepare your answers in advance so you can enter them onto the form.)  A copy of the script if available can be uploaded on the form.

2.      Lab Season Guidelines.  This document offers information on the entire Lab Season process including production information (each production receives a $350 budget) and required meetings.  It is helpful to review the document carefully prior to submitting your proposal.

3.      Faculty Mentor Guidelines:  This document outlines how students should work with their faculty mentors on the Lab Season process.  All students should identify a faculty mentor prior to submitting their proposal.

For access to technical documents about the Studio Theatre (ground plan, light plot etc) , please contact Chris Wood, co-chair of the Lab Season Committee at 

Lab Season Application

The deadline for submissions is Friday, December 1. The Lab Season Committee will meet with all students submitting Lab Season proposals early in the spring semester.