Minors - Structural Engineering

Students pursuing this minor will be better prepared for careers in structural engineering. The minor will provide students with a technical and competitive edge over most traditional civil engineering undergraduates in the structural engineering job marketplace.

Catalog Statement

To earn a minor in structural engineering, a student must complete CE 3415, CE 4400, CE 4410, CE 4430 or CE 4460, CE 4435, and two additional courses chosen from an approved list (CE 4420, CE 4440, CE 4450, and no more than one of CE 4300/CE 4310/CE 4660.) The additional technical/design/analysis electives are available in the dean’s office. A grade of “C” or better in each course is required.


Required Courses:

CE 3415 Structural Analysis I

CE 4435 Indeterminate Structural Analysis

CE 4410 Principles of Reinforced Concrete

CE 4400 Principles of Steel Design

CE 4430 Structural Engineering or CE 4460 Bridge Engineering

Approved Electives (select two courses):

CE 4420 Principles of Prestressed Concrete

CE 4440 Advanced Mechanics of Materials

CE 4450 Finite Element Methods

And no more than one from the following list:

CE 4300 Geotechnical Engineering II: Shallow Foundations

CE 4310 Geotechnical Engineering III: Deep Foundations

CE 4660 Infrastructure Condition Assessment



To Declare the Minor

Please see one of the counselors in the College of Engineering office (2228 Patrick F. Taylor Hall). The minor must be officially declared in your student record before you graduate in order for it to become part of your transcript; simply completing the courses is not enough. Please note - declaring your intention to pursue the minor does not obligate you to complete it.

For More Information

Please contact Dr. Cai or any of the other Structural Engineering faculty in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, or one of the counselors in the College of Engineering.

Fastest Track to Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Minor in Structural Engineering

The structural engineering minor is composed of 21 hours. Six of those hours, Structural Analysis I (CE 3415) and Reinforced Concrete Design (CE 4410), are required courses for the BSCE degree. This means, in essence, that the minor requires 15 ‘extra’ hours related to structural engineering. However, the BSCE degree includes 12 hours of civil engineering electives. By carefully selecting those electives as outlined below, it is possible to graduate with the Structural Engineering Minor by taking as few as three hours beyond that necessary for the BSCE Degree. The fast track to complete the minor requires students to take CE 3415 and CE 4410 as early as possible in order to meet the prerequisite requirements for subsequent electives.

The BSCE degree requires three hours of Design electives, three hours of Design or Analysis electives, three hours of Project electives, and three hours of Technical, Design, or Analysis electives. Choosing Design, Analysis, and Project electives as indicated below  satisfies the BSCE degree and Structural Engineering minor requirements. The only difference is that the minor requires six additional hours of technical electives, whereas the BSCE degree requires just three.

Design Electives

CE 4400 Principles of Steel Design

Analysis/Design Elective

CE 4435 Indeterminate Structural Analysis

Project Elective

CE 4430 Structural Engineering or CE 4460 Bridge Engineering

Technical/Design/Analysis Electives

Choose any two courses from remaining courses on the Approved Electives list.