Mr. Recep Yilmaz

CEE Hall of Distinction: 2007

Recep Yilmaz is a world-renowned expert in Cone Pentrometer Testing (CPT) and geotechnical drilling and is a Senior Vice President for Fugro Consultants, Inc., a 500+ employee geotechnics company and part of the Fugro Group of Companies. As Senior VP, Mr. Yilmaz leads the company’s Louisiana, Houston Exploration, and Los Angeles operations.

Receiving his Masters of Science from Louisiana State University in 1981, Mr. Yilmaz’s geotechnics passion and experience began during his studies here. He has performed extensive research for the development and applications of quasistatic and piezometric cone penetration in Louisiana. He also investigated the application of Cavity Expansion and the SHANSEP theory for cone penetration results. Mr. Yilmaz was responsible for the supervision of in-situ testing, correlation of field and laboratory results and the computer software development for North Louisiana Salt Dome investigations. His work also included research for the Division of Engineering Research, United States Department of Energy, and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

In 1981, Mr. Yilmaz began his career at Fugro Gulf, Inc. as a staff engineer and quickly progressed to Supervisory Engineer. His responsibilities included coordination of CPT field activities and interpretation of results. He worked on the design of embankments, slope stability analysis and supervised construction of evaporation ponds; geotechnical investigation for proposed Onne Fertilizer Plant in Nigeria; growth faults and geotechnical investigation for major industrial complexes in Houston; developed computer programs and plot routines to minimize labor requirements. Mr. Yilmaz also worked on the design of various foundation types related to onshore and offshore structures.

In 1984 Mr. Yilmaz joined Fugro Geosciences, Inc. a leading CPT testing and geotechnical and environmental exploration company within the Fugro organization and became President. Under his leadership, Fugro Geosciences became one of the premier U.S. companies in CPT and geotechnical exploration.

In 2006, Fugro Geosciences, Inc. merged with Fugro Consultants, Inc. at which time Mr. Yilmaz was named as a Senior Vice President to lead the company’s Louisiana, Houston Exploration, and Los Angeles operations. He provides oversight for all Louisiana operations including engineering consulting, laboratory testing and field services. Exploration services include In-Situ Cone Penetrometer Testing and Geotechnical Drilling Services. Under his direction, Fugro’s field exploration capabilities have expanded to include cone penetrometer testing, Geoprobe, and a full range of geotechnical drilling services.

Mr. Yilmaz has lead the development and growth of Fugro’s drilling and subsurface exploration capabilities, sampling methods, and qualifications which now include soil drilling and sampling, rock coring, angle drilling, low-clearance drilling, groundwater sampling, piezometer installations, inclinometer installations, environmental soil sampling, environmental gas sampling, monitor well installations, development and sampling and recovery well installations.

Mr. Yilmaz has developed, executed, and supervised numerous field exploration programs for a wide variety of projects using hollow stem auger and rotary wash drilling methods, wireline sampling and coring techniques utilizing truck, ATV, buggy and skid-mounted CME (55, 75 and 750), Failing 250 and 1500s and Mayhew 200 drill rigs. Fugro’s equipment is capable of drilling to depths in excess of 500 feet and the Fugro exploration fleet is extensive and is usually adequate to accommodate any exploration program or completion schedule.

Accolades credited to Mr. Yilmaz include his recent integral role in securing a $100 million dollar indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract with the Corps of Engineers to assess and rebuild the levees in the New Orleans area. By providing field exploration, laboratory testing and engineering design to support the Corps of Engineers efforts, Mr. Yilmaz’s supervision has allowed for an unprecedented coordination of over 20 drill rigs and 5 cone penetrometer testing rigs operating simultaneously.

Another significant recent accomplishment to Mr. Yilmaz’s credit is his role in securing a $2.5 million dollar contract with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for the Interstate Highway 10 – Twin Span Bridge Replacement project for the damage sustained during Hurricane Katrina. His leadership and extensive knowledge were provided during field exploration, laboratory testing and engineering design where two near shore CPT operations performed simultaneously to provide crucial data under an accelerated schedule to facilitate design and construction of the bridge replacement.

Mr. Yilmaz and wife Barbara now reside in Houston, Texas. Barbara Yilmaz is an LSU graduate from the Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, and currently the Senior Vice President of Exploration at Hess. Their son Timur Yilmaz is a Petroleum Engineer. 

Recep Yilmaz