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NSF Organization Chart
This is a great resource; you can click on any box to drill down and learn more about what goes on inside NSF. You will very quickly learn how NSF is organized and what it does by clicking on each box for an overview and then drilling down for specific information on areas of personal interest.

NSF Organization List
Once you have an overview from the Organization Chart, this list is useful if you want an overview of the internal structure within each of the Directorates and Offices. It also provides contact information and acronyms.

Find Funding
Search NSF for funding opportunities. 

Search Awards
Reading about funded awards is a great way to get a tangible idea of the sort of work NSF supports. NSF program pages will provide a link to recently funded awards, but you can also use this search function. While all information regarding proposals is strictly confidential, abstracts of funded awards are available to the public. The NSF webpage makes it possible to search awards by any information that is available on the cover page or award abstract. You can search by PI name, institution, state, funding program, key word…..

Merit Review at NSF 
Merit Review Criteria: Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts - click on “Merit Review Broader Impacts Criterion: Representative Activities” for examples of Broader Impacts..

A Guide for Proposal Writing 
Standing Programs. See the NSF Organizational List for Standing Programs and Program Officers in your subject area. You can easily get to these via the NSF Organization list.

GEO – Focused Cross-Cutting and Interdisciplinary Research Opportunities Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems

ESE Environment, Society and the Economy

ETBC Emerging Topics in Biogeochemical Cycles

International Research and Education: Planning Visits and Workshops

IRFP International Research Fellowship Program

MRI Major Research Instrumentation 
“What Makes an MRI Proposal Fail, What Makes an MRI Proposal Competitive?”

Basic Plasma Science and Engineering

P2C2 Paleo Perspectives on Climate Change

REU Research Experiences for Undergraduates

REU Site List

Eco-DAS  Ecological Dissertations in the Aquatic Sciences

DISCO Dissertations Symposium on Chemical Oceanography

Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium

CEDAR, GEM, and SHINE Postdoctoral Research

NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowships (EAR-PF)

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