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Graduate students must assume full responsibility for knowledge of rules and regulations of the Graduate School and departmental requirements concerning their individual degree programs. Since requirements and programs are subject to change, students should at all times be aware of current regulations.  Each student is personally responsible for completing all requirements established for his or her degree by the university, college, and department. It is the student’s responsibility to learn these requirements; a student’s advisor or counselor may not assume that responsibility. Students should also be aware that ignorance of a rule is not justification for waiving the rule.


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You should consult the Graduate Coordinator prior to making any travel arrangements. When traveling with state, LSU, department, or research grant funds, certain procedures are necessary. All LSU travel must be authorized in advance. Proper procedure is even more important if you expect reimbursement for all or part of your travel costs. Always find out in advance what is necessary concerning authorization, receipts, and reimbursement. Graduate students presenting research papers at professional meetings may be eligible for travel grant support by applying for the Graduate Student Association Travel Award.  A travel form should be submitted online as soon as possible. You may refer to the GSA Website for current meal and lodging reimbursement rates. 

  • The State of Louisiana contracted travel agency is Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) and the CBT Concur Online Booking System is available on myLSU under Travel Resources.  
  • Travel/Spend Authorizations must be fully completed and approved prior to making any travel arrangements.  If any travel expenses are paid prior to travel authorization approvals, the employee may be at risk of not being reimbursed.
  • For all hotel lodging, including AirBnB, only the first night lodging should be paid to secure the reservation.  Lodging should not be prepaid in total, payment should be made upon checkout.  If travel is canceled for any reason and the total lodging amount was prepaid, only the first night of lodging may be allowed as a University expense.  The other prepaid lodging days will be the responsibility of the traveler.
  • Enterprise, National and Hertz remain the out-of-state travel state contract vendors and use is mandatory for employees traveling out-of-state. 
  • Personal travel destinations should not be included in business travel airfare.  Refer to PM-13 for reimbursement limitations. 

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Thesis and Dissertation Defense Sign Template for  Announcement Fliers

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Developing a strong thesis statement (c/o UNC at Chapel Hill)

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