Dr.  Kathleen  A.  Bratton 

Associate Professor

PhD: University of North Carolina
Office: 208-A Stubbs Hall
Phone: 225-578-3244
Fax: 225-578-2540

Curriculum Vitae


Area of Interest

Dr. Bratton studies state legislative behavior as well as the effects of descriptive representation on policy outcomes. Her current projects include a study of the effect of candidate gender of election outcomes in crowded primary elections.

Selected Publications

Bratton, Kathleen. 2008. “Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Representation: The Changing Landscape of Legislative Diversity.” Book of the States, 2008, pp. 73-80.

Barnello, Michelle and Kathleen A. Bratton. 2007. “Bridging the Gender Gap in Bill Sponsorship.” Legislative Studies Quarterly 32(3): 449-474.

Bratton, Kathleen A., Kerry L. Haynie, and Beth Reingold. 2007. “Agenda Setting and African American Women in State Legislatures.” In Women, Politics, and Public Policy.

Bratton, Kathleen A. 2006. “The Behavior and Success of Latino Legislators: Evidence from the States.” Social Science Quarterly 87 (1): 1136-1157.


POLI 2051 American Government
POLI 4000 Special Topics: Gender in American Politics
POLI 4000 Criminal Justice
POLI 4035 The Legislative Process
POLI 7000 Professional Development
POLI 7900 Seminar in American Politics
POLI 7935 Seminar in Legislative Politics
POLI 7963 Advanced Research Methods in Social Science