Quintin Gustin, Full-time Instructor

Quintin Gustin photoOffice: 216 Audubon Hall
LSU Psychology Department
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Email: qlgustin@lsu.edu

Special Interests

Interests include evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders, issues where psychology intersects with the criminal justice system, motivational interviewing, and the borderline personality disorder diagnosis. Also has an interest in mindfulness-related therapies such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Treatment Director – 19th JDC Adult Drug Court, 2011 - 2020

Director – Capital Area Recovery Program, 2004-2010

Adjunct Instructor – LSU Psychology Department, 2009-2020

Behavior Intervention Specialist - Children’s Service – CAHSD, 2002-2004

Director/Practitioner – The Counseling Center, Inc. – Houston, Tx, 1985-2002


Ph.D. Counseling Education and Supervision, University of Holy Cross 

M.S. Clinical Psychology, Virginia Tech

Clinical Internship, VA Medical Center, Houston, TX

B.S. Psychology, Louisiana State University


Presently teaching the following courses:

PSYC 2000 – Introductory Psychology

PSYC 2060 – Educational Psychology

PSYC 3082 – Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 3083 – Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy

Past Publications

Snyder, S, Goodpaster, WA, Pitts, WM, Pokorny, AD & Gustin, QL (1985). Demography of psychiatric patients with borderline personality disorder traits. American Journal of Psychiatry, 18, 38-49.

Pitts, WM, Gustin, QL, Mitchell, C & Snyder, S (1985). MMPI critical item characteristics of the DSM-III borderline personality disorder. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 173(10), 628-631.

Snyder, S, Pitts, WM, Goodpaster, WA & Gustin, QL (1984). Family structure as recalled by borderline patients. Psychopathology, 17, 90-97.

Gustin, QL, Goodpaster, WA, Sajadi, C, Pitts, WM & Snyder, S (1983). MMPI characteristics of the DSM-III borderline personality disorder. Journal of Personality Assessment, 47(1), 50-59.

Goodpaster, WA, Pitts, WM, Snyder, S, Gustin, QL & Sajadi, C (1983). A social learning approach to group psychotherapy for hospitalized DSM-III borderline patients. Journal of Psychiatric Treatment and Evaluation, 5, 21-28

Snyder, S, Pitts, WM & Gustin, QL (1983). Absence of borderline personality disorder in later years. (letter). American Journal of Psychiatry, 140(2), 271-272.

Gustin, QL & Pettersson, RW (1978). From the vocational evaluation to job training: What can go wrong? Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Bulletin, 11(3), 23-28.