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Creative Lead of Microsoft's Global Search and AI Team to Speak at LSU's AI-Focused Symposium

The LSU Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs’ 2024 John Breaux Symposium, “AI in Mass Communication,” will feature live demos from AI experts and explore its use in communication industries, along with the accompanying ethical considerations.

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LSU Syringe Device Improves Stem Cell Delivery to Patient

LSU researchers' new invention - a syringe that can temporarily store adult stem cells so that they can be delivered and given to the patient from the same device - is the booster physicians and veterinarians need to treat tendon injuries more effectively.

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LSU Reilly Center Seeking Participants Interested in Creating Change to Apply for Community Collaborative Cohort

The Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication is recruiting its fourth cohort for “The Community Collaborative: By the Community, For the Community,” a statewide capacity-building project designed to enhance citizens’ ability to engage civically.

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LSU Names Courtney Phillips Vice President of Health Affairs and Chief Health Officer

LSU has named Courtney Phillips, former Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health, to the position of Vice President of Health Affairs and Chief Health Officer. In this role, Phillips will work closely with university leadership across the LSU system as well as with healthcare partners to maximize the system's healthcare-related financial well-being, enhance operational efficiency, develop new revenue streams and leverage related strengths.

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LSU, Delaware and Johns Hopkins Researchers Examine the Mechanics of the Human Brain

Faculty from LSU, the University of Delaware, and Johns Hopkins University are collaborating on a project that may help us better understand how large and rapid mechanical forces deform the brain during events such as falls and car crashes. Having this understanding is critical to developing computer models for predicting brain injury, as well as designing safer personal protective equipment and brain injury management and prevention strategies.

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LSU Kicks Off Nationwide Launch of Cactus Jack Collegiate Merchandise

LSU was the first of 28 universities across the nation to unveil a limited-edition "Jack Goes Back to College" product line, featuring LSU gear, at a special event at midnight on April 4 at the LSU Barnes & Noble Bookstore on campus. The event coincided with the national launch of the product line.

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LSU's Pipeline Leak Detection Technology Could Save Energy Companies Millions

Researchers use Fiber Bragg Grating Advanced Signal Processing

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