LSU Experts Available to Speak on Coronavirus Impacts

July 02, 2020

Up-to-date context and analysis for the on-going situation

LSU has a number of experts available to discuss topics related to the coronavirus, social and physical distancing and more.

To schedule interviews, contact LSU Media Relations.


  • Rebecca Christofferson, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine's Pathobiological Sciences department assistant professor
    Areas of Expertise: Emerging viruses and infectious diseases such as dengue, Zika and chikungunya. She is part of the team that set up the River Road Testing Lab at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine to help the community fill a critical gap in COVID-19 testing capabilities in Louisiana.

Society and Culture

  • Troy Blanchard, LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences dean and LSU Department of Sociology professor
    Areas of Expertise: Social impacts of the pandemic and how it is affecting the trust, social capital and faith garnered from religion and churches in the midst of the stay-at-home orders.
  • Lori Martin, LSU Department of Sociology and LSU Department of African and African American Studies professor
    Areas of Expertise: Persistent racial and economic disparities and how historic inequality has led to Black people being at greater risk of negative impacts during crises such as the pandemic.
  • Michael Pasquier, the Jaak Seynaeve Professor of Christian Studies, LSU Religious Studies and History associate professor and LSU Center for Collaborative Knowledge director
    Areas of Expertise: How the pandemic and physical distancing is impacting culture and religion, especially in Louisiana.
  • Tim Slack, LSU Department of Sociology professor
    Areas of Expertise: Impacts of the pandemic on people across the economic spectrum including low-income workers and the service sector as well as differences between how rural, small towns and large, urban cities are being impacted.

Psychology and Mental Health

Work and Industry

  • Tracey Rizzuto, LSU School of Leadership and Human Resource Development associate director
    Areas of Expertise: Workplace disaster recovery; technology and workplace issues including how working remotely is impacting workers and employers.
  • Rachel Williamson Smith, Industrial and Organizational Psychology Area Head and LSU Department of Psychology assistant professor
    Areas of expertise: Work-family balance, boundary management between work and non-work, employee well-being including managing stress in situations such as this pandemic.

Business and Economy

  • Jim Richardson, the Harris J. and Marie P. Chustz Endowed Professorship and LSU Department of Public Administration and LSU Department of Economics professor
    Areas of Expertise: How COVID-19 is impacting the economy.
  • Dek Terrell, LSU Economics & Policy Research Group executive director and LSU Department of Economics professor
    Areas of Expertise: Economic impacts of the coronavirus and recovery from the pandemic relative to hurricanes such as Hurricane Katrina.

Food Safety, Nutrition and Growing Your Own Food