R. Greg Hussey Undergraduate Scholarship for Excellence in Physics


HusseyThe R. Greg Hussey Scholarship in the Department of Physics and Astronomy will be awarded annually to a student who is showing exceptional promise both in the classroom and in research. The fellowship is made possible by a donation from Professor Greg Hussey, member of the Department faculty for 43 years who retired in 2000. He was also Associate Dean of the College of Basic Sciences from 1971 to 2000.

The scholarship consists of a scholarship of $500. The requirements are

He or she should be a full-time undergraduate student with a GPA of at least 3.0;
The student should be admitted to the College of Basic Sciences, majoring in the Department of Physics and Astronomy;
The student should be participating in research under the supervision of a LSU faculty member whose primary academic appointment is in the Department of Physics and Astronomy

The recipient of the scholarship will be referred to as a Greg Hussey Undergraduate Scholar in Physics and Astronomy. The scholarship award will be for one year. However, the recipient is eligible to receive the award more than once.

Applications for the Scholarship consist of an official copy of the student's LSU transcript and a nomination letter from the faculty member supervising the student's work.