Eric Burns, Ph.D.

Headshot of Dr. Burns
Assistant Professor Eric Burns

Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Ph.D., 2017 - University of Alabama in Huntsville

Louisiana State University
Department of Physics & Astronomy

Research Interests

I am an astrophysicist that broadly studies transient events in high-energy photons and in concert with other messengers from the universe. I study neutron star mergers which are the most luminous events in the Universe, the related non-thermal gamma-ray burst emission, and identify unexpected or new kinds of transient phenomena, and played a leading role in the multimessenger discovery of a binary neutron star merger. I seek to use these results to understand basic properties of the universe, including the properties of ultra-dense matter and fundamental physics. 

I contribute to active space-based instruments and telescopes on the ground, and work with instrument teams to propose new missions to resolve key outstanding questions in astrophysics and beyond. I am particularly interested in the development of new analysis and search software as well as the use of robust statistical methodology. 

Current and Selected Publications