Ka Ming TamKa Ming Tam

Research Assistant Professor

Louisiana State University
Department of Physics & Astronomy
237 Nicholson Hall, Tower Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4001

Personal Webpage: http://tamkaming.com/cms/



Dynamical Mean Field Theory 

Beyond quantum cluster theories: multiscale approaches for strongly correlated systems 

H.F. Fotso, K.-M. Tam, J. Moreno 
Quantum Science and Technology 7 (3), 033001  

Nonequilibrium DMFT+CPA for correlated disordered systems 

E. Dohner, H. Terletska, K.-M. Tam, J. Moreno, H.F. Fotso 
Physical Review B 106 (19), 195156 


Functional Renormalization Group 

Phonon-induced instabilities in correlated electron Hamiltonians 

N.K. Yirga, K.-M. Tam, D.K. Campbell 
Physical Review B 107 (23), 235120 

Retardation effects in the Holstein-Hubbard chain at half filling 

K.-M. Tam, S.W. Tsai, D.K. Campbell, A.H.C. Neto 
Physical Review B 75 (16), 161103 

Functional renormalization group analysis of the half-filled one-dimensional extended Hubbard model 

K.-M. Tam, S.-W. Tsai, D.K. Campbell 
Physical review letters 96 (3), 036408 


Numerical Methods for Random Disordered Systems and Spin Glasses 

Ab initio approaches to high-entropy alloys: a comparison of CPA, SQS, and supercell methods 

M. Karabin, W. R. Mondal, A. Östlin, W.-G. D. Ho, V. Dobrosavljevic, K.-M. Tam, H. Terletska, L. Chioncel, Y. Wang, M. Eisenbach 
Journal of Materials Science 57 (23), 10677 

Origin of localization in Ti-doped Si 

Y. Zhang, R. Nelson, K.-M. Tam, W. Ku, U. Yu, N. S. Vidhyadhiraja, H. Terletska, J. Moreno, M. Jarrell, T. Berlijn 
Physical Review B 98 (17), 174204 

Real Space Quantum Cluster Formulation for the Typical Medium Theory of Anderson Localization 

K.-M. Tam, H. Terletska, T. Berlijn, L. Chioncel, J. Moreno 
Crystals 11 (11), 1282 

Dynamical mean-field theory of the Anderson-Hubbard model with local and nonlocal disorder in tensor formulation 

A. Weh, Y. Zhang, A. Östlin, H. Terletska, D. Bauernfeind, K.-M. Tam, H. G. Evertz, K. Byczuk, D. Vollhardt, L. Chioncel 
Physical Review B 104 (4), 045127 

Local density of the bose-glass phase 

K. Hettiarachchilage, C. Moore, V.G. Rousseau, K.-M. Tam, M. Jarrell, J. Moreno 
Physical Review B 98 (18), 184206 

Spin-Glass Transition at Nonzero Temperature in a Disordered Dipolar Ising System: The Case of LiHoxY1-xF4  

K.M. Tam, M.J.P. Gingras 
Physical review letters 103 (8), 087202 

Parallel tempering simulation of the three-dimensional Edwards–Anderson model with compact asynchronous multispin coding on GPU 

Y. Fang, S. Feng, K.-M. Tam, Z. Yun, J. Moreno, J. Ramanujam, M. Jarrell 

Computer Physics Communications 185 (10), 2467

Machine Learning and Quantum Computing Approaches for Condensed Matter Physics

Neural network solver for small quantum clusters 

N. Walker, S. Kellar, Y. Zhang, K.-M. Tam, J. Moreno 
Crystals 12 (9), 1269 

InfoCGAN classification of 2D square Ising configurations 

N. Walker, K.-M. Tam 
Machine Learning: Science and Technology 2 (2), 025001 

Deep learning on the 2-dimensional Ising model to extract the crossover region with a variational autoencoder 

N. Walker, K.-M. Tam, M. Jarrell 
Scientific reports 10 (1), 13047 

Detecting Quantum Critical Points of Correlated Systems by Quantum Convolutional Neural Network Using Data from Variational Quantum Eigensolver 

N. Wrobel, A. Baul, K.-M. Tam, J. Moreno 
Quantum Reports 4 (4), 574-588 

Quantum Classical Algorithm for the Study of Phase Transitions in the Hubbard Model via Dynamical Mean-Field Theory 

A. Baul, H.F. Fotso, H. Terletska, J. Moreno, K.-M. Tam 
arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.01392 

Social Physics 

Effect of mitigation measures on the spreading of COVID-19 in hard-hit states in the US 

K.-M. Tam, N. Walker, J. Moreno 
PLoS One 15 (11), e0240877 

Influence of state reopening policies in COVID-19 mortality 

K.-M. Tam, N. Walker, J. Moreno 
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 1677