The mission of Student Advocacy & Accountability is to engage students on issues of community membership, responsible decision making, critical thinking, and informed citizenship on behalf of LSU, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Office of the Dean of Students.

We promote and foster cognitive, personal, professional, and academic development through: proactive education and intervention, identification of resources, and encouraging healthy life choices. We accomplish this through communicating, assessing, referring, and educating to achieve positive change.

With the LSU Commitment to Community as a guiding principle, our belief is that students should not only accomplish academic goals, but also do so in a healthy and encouraging environment which fosters personal growth and development.

We are here to support your success and personal development as members of the LSU community by promoting academic integrity and appropriate standards of conduct through the Code of Student Conduct.  To that end, we encourage you to familiarize yourself not only with the Code, but also with the Accountability Process and associated student Rights and Responsibilities at LSU.  Exercising an understanding of both Academic Integrity and LSU Policies is essential in being a productive LSU community member.

Email Correspondence

Students who are trying to retrieve email correspondence from our office should click on "Pick up your letter" in the body of the message and then enter your LSU ID # 89_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (do not use dashes). It is very important that you use the appropriate format for your 89# to access correspondence from our office. If you continue to experience difficulty opening the letter, please contact our office.  It is not acceptable for students to simply say that they did not or could not access the letter.  All deadlines included in the letter will stand.