Academic Integrity

    Overview (Moodle Module)



    Student Advocacy & Accountability Online Resources

    LSU Cares

    LSU Cares is dedicated to the well-being of the LSU Community.  LSU offers an online reporting system to help students, faculty, staff, families, and friends submit reports about:

    • potential violations of the LSU Code of Student Conduct, including academic and behavioral concerns;
    • concerns regarding sexual misconduct and hazing;
    • concerns surrounding acts of bias or discrimination;
    • complaints or grievances; and
    • concerns about students in crisis or distress.

    All LSU Cares reports are being monitored currently and assigned to staff for follow up via email, zoom, or phone.  During this challenging time, we encourage students to utilize resources in addition to LSU Cares such as, LSU Mental Health and The Phone (text or talk to a counselor at any time) 1-225-924-LSU1.

    To make a LSU Cares report, please visit the LSU Cares page.

    Academic Integrity

    Even in an online environment, it is important to uphold the Code of Student Conduct and make sure student work is free of academic integrity concerns. In accordance with the LSU Faculty Handbook, an instructor may not assign a disciplinary grade, such as an "F" or zero on an assignment, test examination, or course as a sanction for admitted or suspected Academic Misconduct in lieu of referring the Student to SAA under the provisions of the Code of Student Conduct (see section 10.1). Grades assigned as a result of Academic Misconduct must be in accordance with this Code. Faculty can refer all cases of academic misconduct by filling out an Academic Misconduct report on the LSU Cares page.

    Tools for Students

    For an overview of academic integrity and how to avoid academic misconduct at LSU, students can complete the online Moodle module.  You can self-enroll in the module and you will receive a certification upon completion. You can also visit the Understanding Academic Integrity page for additional resources, to include a tutorial using Microsoft Office Word and Steps for Writing Research Papers.

    LSU has prepared online resources and services for students as we transition to learning and teaching remotely. 

    Behavioral Misconduct

    Per section 5.1 of the Code of Student Conduct, the Code applies to conduct that occurs on the Campus, at LSU-sponsored activities, and/or when the Student or RSO is representing LSU. The University shall have discretion to extend jurisdiction over conduct that occurs off campus when the conduct adversely and significantly affects the learning environment or University community and would be in violation of the Code if the conduct had occurred on campus.This includes behavior that may occur in a remote learning environment, such as email, discussion forums, zoom webinars, or any other platform or solution used for a course. In determining whether or not to extend jurisdiction, the University may consider its ability to gather information. Potential violations of the Code can be reported through LSU Cares.

    Faculty are encouraged to refer to this blog post provided by Zoom on how to prevent concerning behaviors.