Printing Policy

To Check The Amount You Have Been Charged For Printing

If you are logged in to any computer in Geology with your PAWS ID in the LSU domain:

  1. Click Start and then Select Programs.
  2. Go to PaperCut and User Enquiry Tool.
  3. A window as shown below will Pop Up on the right hand corner of the screen.
  4. It shows the amount you have been charged so far for printing to any of the printers on the print server using your LSU ID.
  5. The limit on account balance is $100 per semester. You are restricted to print once the amount balance exceeds $100.


  • PaperCut Client has been installed on all the lab computers and also graduate student's computers. If you do not see it in the list of programs and you wish to have it on your computer or if you have any problem in printing or checking your account balance contact us by email at
  • You can see the amount charged on your account on any of the computers which has PaperCut client software installed.
  • The page cost charged for printing to each network printer is as shown below.
Printer Name Location Model Page Cost
417hplj 417 Howe-Russell Building Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet 4100N $0.10
e217hpdj E217 Howe-Russell Building Hewlett-Packard Design Jet 650 (Plotter) $1.00
E235 Main Office Black-white HP LaserJet M602 PCL6 E235 Howe-Russell Building HP LaserJet M602 PCL6 (Black and White) $0.10
Main Office HP Color Laserjet CP4520 Series PCL6 E235 Howe-Russell Building HP Color Laserjet CP4520 Series PCL6 (Color Printer) $0.10
E336 Lexmark T520 (MS)(Copy 1) E336 Howe-Russell Building Lexmark T520 (MS)
(Black and White)
E232 HP LaserJet 400 M401 PCL 6 E232 Howe-Russell Building HP LaserJet 400 M401 (Black and White) $0.10