Thomas Demchuk thomas demchuk

Thomas Demchuk

Adjunct Professor

Bachelor's Degree: Geology 1983, University of Alberta (Edmonton), Department of Geology
Master's Degree: Geology 1987, University of Alberta (Edmonton), Department of Geology
PhD: Geology 1992, University of Calgary, Department of Geology and Geophysics
Ph. 281-660-1491

Office: E225 Howe-Russell Geoscience Complex

Professional Background:

2015-Present, Business Development Manager, RPS Group Inc., Houston TX

1997-2015, Principal Stratigrapher, ConocoPhillips Ltd., Geoscience Upstream Technology

1992-1997, Biostratigrapher, Amoco Corp., Exploration and Production Technology

Research Interests:


  • Characterization of the PETM and general Paleogene of the U.S. Gulf Coast
  • Source-to-sink depositional history of the Wilcox Group, and paleoclimatic influences
  • Chronostratigraphy and paleoproductivity of Albian-Maastrichtian strata in the Cretaceous Western Interior

Organic Petrography:

  • Characterization of organic matter in source-rocks and associated source-rock reservoirs
  • Maturation assessment and calibration involving vitrinite reflectance and organic geochemistry
  • Characterization of Paleogene lignites and associated organics from the US. Gulf Coast

Selected Publications

Gentzis, T., Curiale, J., O’Keefe, J.M.K. and Demchuk, T.D. Editors (In Press) Proceedings of the Joint Meeting: The Society for Organic Petrology, AASP-The Palynological Society, and The International Commission for Coal and Organic Petrography (Houston, 2016). Special Issue of the International Journal of Coal Geology.

Denison, C., Demchuk, T.D. and O’Keefe, J.O.M.  2017 Tidal depositional systems in the Wilcox/Carrizo of Bastrop County, Texas: Sedimentology, ichnology and palynology. GCAGS Transactions and Proceedings Volume, San Antonio, TX.

Demchuk, T.D., Gard, G. and Gary, A.C.  Editors (2014) Selected Papers, Geological Problem Solving with Microfossils 3 Conference. Special Issue of Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v.413, pp. 1-172.

Dolby, G., Demchuk, T.D. and Suter, J.R. (2013) The significance of palynofloral assemblages from the McMurray Formation and associated strata, Surmont and surrounding areas in north-central Alberta. (in) Heavy-oil and Oil-sand Petroleum Systems in Alberta and Beyond (Edited by) F.J. Hein, D. Leckie, S. Larter and J.R. Suter. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Studies in Geology, v.64, pp. 251-272.